May Newsletter

Memorial Day:

There will be a Memorial Day service at the American Legion Hall at the corner of Rt. 198 and Park Ave. on Monday May 30th at 8:00 am. Coffee and donuts to follow the ceremony. Everyone is invited to attend.

If you see a Veteran…Thank Him or Her for their service.

Mother’s Day:

Don’t forget Mom on Sunday May 8th. It’s her day. Make it special.

Water (Consumer Confidence Report):

The Annual Water Quality Report is now available on our website.

Primary Election:

Tuesday May 17th is primary election day. Vote!

Kids on Bicycles:
Reminder: Penna. State Law mandates Bicycle Helmets for any child under age 12.

Street Lights:

If you see a street light burned out or blinking near you,

please get the pole number and notify the Borough Office.

Saegertown Area Library:

          The Annual Walk-a-Thon has been cancelled until Next Year.

Get ready for a big splash of fun during Saegertown Area Library’s Summer Reading Challenge,

“Oceans of Possibilities.” Registration starts mid-June. 

To get all the library’s news, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. Sign up with the blue box at the bottom of our Facebook page, OR send an email to with the word e-news in the subject line. Please include your first and last names and provide the email address you’d like us to use. Thank you for supporting your local library!

Saegertown Fire Department:

            Don’t forget the Virtual Spring Raffle on June 4th. Tickets are only $10.

                Live drawings will be held on the Fire Dept. Facebook page at noon.

                Information and tickets are available at the Fire Station or the Borough Building.     

Swimming Pools:

New swimming Pools require a permit from the Borough Office and need to be inspected.

Existing pools must be fenced or have access to them restricted when not in use.

Burn Permits:

All outdoor burning in the Borough must have a permit. The permit is a one-time permit unless it is revoked for cause. ANY open fire falls under this ordnance.

Property Maintenance: Junk

It is illegal to store any junk or debris in the Borough unless it is stored indoors. Covering junk does not satisfy the ordinance. No old tires or uninspected vehicles are permitted.

Property Maintenance: Repairs

Buildings must be maintained and repaired to meet the International Property Maintenance Code.

NO chipped or peeling paint, broken windows, missing siding, or roofs in disrepair. Garages, fences, sheds etc. all must be maintained to the code.

Bridge Colors:

We always welcome suggestions for bridge colors. We try to comply with requests if weather cooperates or if we do not have another color scheduled. The only exception is politically motivated themes.  The Borough reserves the right to select colors regardless of any request.

Brush Pick-up:

We are back to picking up brush as time and weather permit. Leaves must be dry and bagged in clear bags. Sticks must be piled neatly in bundles no longer than 5 feet long.

Jordan Park Policy:

Please check the rules for the use of Jordan Park on our website. The pavilions can be reserved.

Contact the Borough Office for details, or if you want to make a reservation.

Josh Perrine and Jaden Wilkins:

These Borough Residents excelled at High School sports this past winter. Josh placed 6th at the state wrestling tournament, and Jaden was named first team all-region in basketball. Congratulations guys!

Spring Turkey Season:

Make sure of your target when spring turkey hunting. Please Hunt Safely!

Deer Ticks: Be Prepared

The Deer Tick Virus (Powassan virus) has been spreading in Penna.  It is spread to people primarily by bites from infected ticks and does not spread person-to-person through coughing, sneezing, or touching.  It can be transmitted from tick to human in as little as 15 minutes after a bite occurs, while other tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme Disease, take much longer to cause infection, typically 24 hours or more after the tick attaches to the host.  Initial symptoms of a DTV infection may include fever, headache, vomiting, and weakness. According to the CDC, 91 percent of patients treated for DTV infections develop severe neuroinvasive disease. This can be fatal. 

How to Protect yourself:

If you are going to be outdoors treat your clothes with permethrin. There are also other commercial sprays that work well. After you have been outdoors check yourself, your family and pets, and quickly remove any ticks you find.

Avian Flu:  What if you find a dead bird?

If you find a dead bird do not touch it. Pick it up with a shovel or use disposable gloves. Place it in a plastic bag. Tightly close the plastic bag(s) containing the bird. Tie the ends together or use a twist-tie to seal it shut. Place the bag inside another clean plastic bag (if available) and then close it tightly, too. Dispose of dead birds with your usual household trash. 

PFOS / PFOA: Update: Let’s put it in Perspective

By now everyone knows we have contamination in two of our wells. We test them regularly, and report the findings in these newsletters. We only use these wells if there is a problem with one of the other wells. The EPA and DEP limit the amount of PFOS/PFOA in drinking water to 70 parts per Trillion.                 A trillion is a million, million.

PPM = parts per Million:    1 ppm would be equivalent to 3 drops in a 42-gallon drum.

PPB = parts per Billion:       1 ppb would be one drop in an 8,000-gallon tank truck.

PPT = parts per Trillion:      1 ppt would equal ten drops in the Rose Bowl Stadium filled to the top with water.

Heritage Society:

The Saegertown Heritage Society is looking for new members if you are interested in history. The next meeting will be May 2nd at 6:30 pm at the museum on Broad Street. The museum is opening for the season on May 14th from 10:00 to 2:00.

It is free to the public. If you would like additional information, please call 814-763-2997.

Looking Back:   Perry Highway

During the war of 1812, Commodore Perry used the present Route 19 for transporting his

 ammunition train to Erie.  That is why the route is called “Perry Highway”. During the

 Centennial Exposition of 1913 commemorating the battle of Lake Erie, a replica of the

ammunition train stopped at the Saegertown Inn, just as the original train did, when it

 passed through Saegertown in 1812.

Safety Tip of the Month:

Grass and brush fires: Even if you have a burn permit, do NOT burn outdoors when

it is dry and breezy. Use extreme caution in the spring and fall anytime you burn outdoors.

Tax Collector Information:

Amanda Burlingame is the Tax Collector for Saegertown Borough. Her phone number: 814-398-3988

Her e-mail address is:

◊Payments can be made by mail to: Saegertown Tax Collector, PO Box 348, Saegertown, Pa. 16433

Tax Office hours will be at the Borough Building on the following dates and times:          

There are no tax hours in May.

June: Wed. 29th from 6-7:30 pm

Remember the Borough Secretary cannot accept tax payments.

Regular Community Meetings:

Borough Council: meetings second Mon. of month, 6:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

Sewer Authority: meetings second Wed. of month, 6:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

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