Property & Trees


The Borough owns and maintains the following properties:

  • Borough Building and property at 603 Erie Street
  • Jordan Park on Erie Street
  • Several Well locations
  • Reservoir on Saeger-Heights
  • Town Square (4 corners at Main and Broad Streets)
  • Lot behind MVS on the East side of the railroad tracks
  • Lot across French Creek near Bertram Park

Gazebo and Memorial Corner at the Town Square.


Trees are protected by Ordinance.

Check with the Borough Office prior to cutting or planting

Do not trim trees without permission, unless on private property.

Do not trim or remove trees on Rights-of-Ways.

Following is the list of approved trees to plant (Approved by Resolution 2009-5) –

trees marked with an * require approval of the Homeowner prior to planting:

  • Elm, Chinese (Lacebark Elm)
  • Linden, Small Leaf
  • Maple, Colomner
  • Maple, Hard
  • Maple, Stanlen
  • Maple, Red
  • Oak, Red
  • Plane, Oriental *
  • Ivory Silk
  • Japanese Lilac Tree
  • Autumn Brilliance Service Berry *
  • Zelkova
  • Katsura Tree
  • Golden Rain Tree
  • Sweetgum Tree
  • Schubert Cherry *
  • Flowering Crab Apple *
  • Sunburst Locust
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Cleveland Select Pear (added 4/9/2012)
  • Rhododendrons (can be planted in parks, etc. – not near streets)
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