Right to Know

Open Records Policy

Open Records Officer: Tammy Bidwell, Borough Secretary

  1. Request MUST be in writing
  2. Request MUST be on form provided by borough
  3. Borough MUST respond within 5 business days
  4. Payment MUST be received prior to response


  1. Borough can extend period up to 30 days to research information
  2. Requester must be a U.S. citizen and prove as such (Photo I.D)
  3. Date stamp by records officer only
    • Assign tracking number
    • Mark when the 5 day period expires
    • Keep envelope, make copy, keep everything together in file


-In order to make sure documents are not altered:

-We will ONLY provide photocopies of any information requested.

-These copies can be sent electronically after being photocopied, if requested.

-Copies will not be made until payment is received by the Borough.

-Only forms of payments that are accepted are: checks, money orders or cash.

-Price of copies are listed below, plus any postage if information is mailed.

Open Records Request Forms


All fees MUST be paid prior to release of records

  • Black and White Copies = $0.25 each
  • Color Copies = $0.50 each
  • Booklets etc. = Actual Cost

Open Records Exemptions

  • Homeland Security Issues
  • Security of Infrastructure (water system) or Buildings
  • Computer Security
  • Personal Information
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Driver’s License Numbers
  • Home Address of Law enforcement
  • Employee Records
  • Applications for Employment
  • Drafts (ordinances, resolutions, minutes, agendas)
  • Personal Notes
  • Complaints or Investigations
  • Information from Executive Sessions
  • Court or Litigation
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