Parks & Recreation

Baseball Fields

  • Field #1 is use by permission only (contact Borough Office)
  • All other fields are only restricted when they are scheduled for practice or games (Scheduling by the Recreation Association)
  • Please follow posted rules on all fields

All Coaches of Teams using the Jordan Park Ball Fields MUST comply with the rules of Jordan Park.

State of the art Little League field.

Bridge to the back fields from the parking lot.


One of the two pavilions available for use.
  • Reserved Use
  • If not reserved – First come First Serve
  • Rental Fee is not refundable
  • $50 refundable deposit for damage or clean-up
  • Can be reserved for only one day at a time
  • Bathroom keys available on request

Borough Residents

  • No charge for use
  • Refundable deposit for damage or clean-up is still required ($50)

Non-Borough Residents

  • $100 charge per day
  • Rental fees must be paid within 5 days of making a reservation
  • Rental Fee is NOT refundable
  • $50 refundable deposit required
  • CANNOT reserve until after April 1st

Clean-up or damage will be billed at $25.00 per hour plus cost of materials. Contact Borough Office with questions: (814) 763-4600.

Parking at and near Jordan Park

        -No Parking along Erie Street

        -Large parking lot in rear of the complex


  • Bathrooms are available by request. Pick-up key at Borough Office.
  • Users are responsible for clean-up after use

Basketball Court

First-come first serve.


  • Open to the public
  • For use by persons under 12 years of age
  • NO littering!

Concession Stand

  • Run by Recreation Association
  • Open in Spring and Summer when fields are in use
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