September 2019 Newsletter


The Borough has a new website because our old site was hacked. Nearly any information you need to know about Saegertown is on the site, including downloadable forms and permit applications. All ordinances are updated and on this new site.

Snow Parking:

The Snow Parking Ordinance is in effect from Nov. 1st until April 1st next year.

Many streets are no parking anytime, some are limited to no parking midnight to 7 am, and most streets have odd / even parking. Watch next month’s newsletter for a complete review of the regulations.

Garbage Contract:

The Borough’s three (3) year garbage contract expires at the end of this year. The cost per month is passed along to residents with their water bills. Be prepared for a slight increase in the monthly fee in 2020. We will know the new rates in December.


Trees in the Borough are regulated by ordinance. All complete ordinances are on the Borough website.

Here are some highlights of the ordinance and regulations:

            -The Borough only maintains the trees it has planted. (These are “Borough Trees”)

            -The Borough does not Maintain ANY trees east of the railroad tracks.

            -The Borough does not Maintain any trees along alleys.

            – “Borough Trees” were planted between the sidewalks and the streets. (on Right-of-way)

            -No one is permitted to remove or trim “Borough Trees” without permission.

            -The Borough can order damaged or diseased trees removed by the property owner.

            -It is illegal to pound nails into “Borough Trees” or place taps, signs or decorations etc. on them.

            -The Borough may trim ANY tree that hinders the light from a street light.

-The Borough may trim ANY tree that hinders the visibility along street or intersections.

-The Borough will NOT pick-up brush from an entire tree that has been removed.

-If you remove a tree, make arrangements for the brush to be removed.

Failure to comply with the tree ordinance may result in a $100-$1,000 fine.

Leaves…………………That time of year

Here are some notes on leaf pick-up this year:

-Leaves can be raked to the edge of the street beginning the first of October.

-We will also pick-up leaves on Saeger-heights this year (do not rake them into the ditch)

-Do NOT rake leaves onto the street or the berm.

-Rake leaves out of ditches

-Be patient – We will pick them up as time permits.

-Remember that wet leaves need to be turned over and dried or bagged.

-A limited number of leaf bags will be available, but we prefer piles.

-If you rake piles next to an alley, call the office so we don’t miss them.

Do you take prescription Medications? Have a List of them Ready!

-If you take a prescription medication or several of them, please make a list of them to give to the EMT or Paramedic if you happen to need emergency medical help. Make sure the list contains the name of the medication and the dosage. Give the list to the emergency responders when they arrive. This will assist in getting you the correct medical care much quicker.

Residents over 18 years Old:

All residents…new to Saegertown or newly 18…are required to notify the Borough Office.


The State has mandated a stormwater management ordinance. Any new construction, or improvements such as driveways and parking lots fall under this ordinance. Check with the Borough Office for an application and instructions.

New Librarian:

Heather Wakefield, who has been the Saegertown Librarian for the last 7 ½ years is moving on. She is going to study theology at Harvard in Cambridge Mass.! We wish her well. Lacey Mileski will be the new director of the Library, and Tina Hunt will be the assistant. Stop by the Library to say Hello!

More Library News:

The Saegertown Library turns 35 years old on September 28! Come and enjoy a celebration with refreshments, Saturday, 9/28 from 2:00-4:00 P.M. Community Birthday Challenge:  In honor of the library’s 35th birthday, the library is looking for 35 people to donate $35 over the course of the 35 days prior to the library’s birthday on 9/28. The challenge will begin on August 24 and end on September 28. Contributors may bring their $35 to the library or simply mail in a check. Watch the library’s Facebook page for more information. Will YOU be one of the 35 Library Superheroes? A HUGE thank you to the many generous, wonderful sponsors and donors who made the recent golf outing a success!


On Saturday, September 28, you will once again notice members of Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church (dressed in their bright orange logo shirts!) working in the homes and yards of your neighbors in need.  This is the 7th year that church family members of Twelve Apostles are celebrating this day-of-service called God’s Work. Our Hands. Please call the church office (814-763-5384) if you care to join a team!

Cash Payments:

The Borough only keeps a minimum of cash on hand for change. We do not accept $100 bills, unless it is to pay an account of at least $75. Please bring the exact change or close to it!

Spotted Lantern Fly:

The spotted lantern fly is a fairly new invasive species that has inundated the southeastern part of Pennsylvania. If you plan a trip to the Philadelphia area, make sure you do not bring any back with you. Go through a car wash with hot water, then check your car. They are particularly devastating to fruit crops like peaches and grapes. If you see any sign of one, report it to the local department of Agriculture. (Look up colored pictures of them, as they have red on them.)











Used and Surplus Equipment:

Every year the Borough has a sale on used, outdated or surplus equipment. As the times change, so does the need for certain items. We have been cleaning out the garages, now that the new salt and storage building is complete, and we have run across may other items that have not been used for years.

Watch our Facebook page, website and add in the Tribune for a list of items, and the bid due dates.


Tax Collector Information:

Office Hours at the Borough Building are as follows:

Evening Hours are from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, and Saturday Hours are from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.


Wednesday – 9/11/19 – 9/18/19 – 9/25/19

Thursday –     9/19/19 – 9/26/19

Saturday –     9/21/19 – 9/28/19


Thursday –  10/10/19

Payments may be made by mail to: Saegertown Tax collector, PO Box 348, Saegertown, Pa. 16433

The Borough Secretary cannot accept tax payments.

If you have any questions please contact Amanda Pipper at:

814-763-5401 or


Regular Community Meetings:

Borough Council: meetings second Mon. of month, 6:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

Sewer Authority: meetings second Tues. of month, 7:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

 “One small positive thought in the morning can change the whole day.”

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