November 2019 Newsletter



Beginning November 1st and in effect until April 1st the following rules apply:

            No Parking Midnight to 7:00 am:  Main and Erie St.

            No Parking ANY time:                   Saeger-Heights

                                                                 (Bell, Parkview, Lynnhaven, Ross, Valleyview, Windvale)

            No Parking Odd Days 9:00 am until 4:00 pm:

                        On the East and South sides of any other street

            No Parking Even Days 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

                        On the West and North sides of any other street

Sidewalks and Snow:

Here is the rule for Sidewalks on Main St.:

Sidewalks shall be kept clear of snow and ice in a manner to eliminate                                     dangerous or hazardous conditions. Snow that accumulates more than two (2) inches shall be removed at least once every calendar day.

            All Other sidewalks:

                        Owners of property other than Main Street that have sidewalks, may elect to remove snow or not, but shall be responsible for any liability resulting from such.

New Christmas Decorations:

The Women’s Improvement Club has approved new decorations for the Holidays that will

complement the snowflakes that were installed last year. Look for these new additions!

Light up Night – Town Square:

            The annual Christmas “Light-up” night will be Sunday December 1st at 6:00 pm. Welcome

Santa to the “Town Square” as he arrives by firetruck, and all are invited to attend the party at the

Methodist Church afterward. Free refreshments, crafts and games will be available at the church.

Vote on November 12th

            There are some important offices to vote on this year, particularly at the County level.

            Make sure to vote – no matter what your choice is!! Good luck to the candidates.

Fire Dept. – Thanks for directing Traffic:

            We would like to thank Saegertown Fire Dept. for providing traffic control at the annual trick-or treat night. It makes the event safe for the hundreds of kids and their chaperones!

How to Make Water Payments:

            There are 3 ways to make your water payment:

                        -1) Drop the payment off in person at the Borough Office.

                        -2) Mail in your payment (to PO Box 558)

                        -3) Drop off the payment in the “Drop Box” on the west side of the Borough Building.

            Please remember:

                        -NO CASH in the drop box.

                        -Use your account number on all payments.(4-digit number before your name on the bill)

                        -We will not take $100 bills for cash payments unless the payment is for more than $50.

                        -We do NOT take credit cards for any payments.

                        -All payments are due by the 20th of the month. Penalty and interest will be added if late.

                        -The Borough will NOT take any sewer or tax payments.

Borough Office Hours:

The regular office hours are from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Accumulated time is usually taken off on Friday afternoon. We are open by chance on Friday.

Please remember that occasionally employees take vacation or have medical appointments.

We also go to the Post Office daily and have occasional trips to Meadville.

The best way to be assured that someone is in the office is to call ahead!

The Office will be closed from Thursday November 28 until Tuesday December 3rd.


Thank You Mayor Dave Myers!

We want to Thank Dave Myers for his service as the Mayor of Saegertown. Dave and his wife Debbie have moved from Saegertown, and he had to resign. Dave has been Mayor for 16 years, making him the longest serving mayor since the 1940’s! Debbie has also been a member of the Sewer Authority for several terms. We want to thank both of them for their service and wish them well in the future!

New Mayor:

Former Borough Council Member Marc Kirchner has been appointed Mayor to fill the vacant seat.

Heritage Society: Annual Christmas Ornament on Sale!

The Saegertown Heritage Society announces the sale of their annual Christmas ornament, the twentieth in the series depicting the history of the area.  This year features the Crawford County Home.

The 2019 ornaments may be purchased at Memory Lane or the Care Center during regular business hours. Also, the November speaker will be from Woodcock Nature Center sharing the history of their building and what services they provide to our community.  The public is invited to attend this program on November 16th at 11:00 am at the museum on Broad St.

Library News:

The Lions Club will provide vision screening for children November 6th at 10:30 during story time at the Library. Thanks to all who made donations to their “35th Birthday Challenge”, the patron drive and the Crawford Gives Campaign. Remember the Book Club meets the 1st Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:30. “Hollyhock Garden” a water color painting by Cathy Acker was won by Nancy Stover. Congratulations.

Abandoned Vehicles:

It is illegal to store a vehicle that is not registered, inspected and/or in running condition in the Borough.

Vehicles that do not require registration or inspections (such as boats, ATV’s lawnmowers etc.) must be in running condition. Any vehicle that does not meet these conditions must be stored in-doors or removed from the Borough. Violators will be fined.

Garbage Collection for Holiday:

Regular garbage collection will take place on Monday November 25th and Monday December 2nd.

Thanksgiving this Month! …. Turkey Fryers – Safety Tip:

If you are planning on frying a turkey for Thanksgiving this year…here are some tips;

   -Make sure the turkey is completely thawed to avoid hot oil splatters

   -Keep kids and pets away from the fryer

   -Determine the correct amount of oil by first placing the turkey and water in the fryer.

                (remove the turkey and measure water. That is how much oil to cook with!)

   -Keep fryer outdoors, off of decks and out of garages

   -Never operate a fryer in snow or rain

   -Make sure fryer is on a level surface

   -Choose a small turkey – never 12 pounds or more

   -Never leave fryer unattended

   -Make sure the fryer has temperature controls so the oil is not overheated.

Be Safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Paying Taxes by Check:

If you pay your taxes by check and want a receipt, please keep in mind that the tax collector waits ten (10) days for the check to clear the bank before receipts are mailed back to you.

Tax Collector Information:

Office Hours at the Borough Building are as follows:

Evening Hours are from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, and Saturday Hours are from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.


Wednesday: 11/13/19

Monday: 11/25/19


Wednesday – 12/11/19

Saturday – 12/28/19

Payments may be made by mail to: Saegertown Tax Collector, PO Box 348, Saegertown, Pa. 16433

The Borough Secretary cannot accept tax payments.

If you have any questions please contact Amanda Pipper at:

814-763-5401 or


Regular Community Meetings:

Borough Council: meetings second Mon. of month, 6:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

Sewer Authority: meetings second Tues. of month, 7:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

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