August Newsletter

New Web Site:

The Borough’s new web site is now on line. Find it at:

It is still in final construction so please let us know if you find any mistakes.

Re-cycling Electronics:

The electronics re-cycling program will continue for one more month. During the month of August Borough residents or businesses may bring in the items listed below at no cost to be re-cycled.

Items must not be brought in from outside the Borough. We would like to thank the Jordan Family Foundation for funding this project once again this year. Here is the list of acceptable items:

Televisions – Computers – Copiers – Fax machines – Printers – Stereos and Radios – VCR’s

There is cost if the screens are broken: $10.00 each.

A cost for air conditioners and dehumidifiers: $5.00 each.

Tar & Chip Saeger-Heights:

All the streets on Saeger-Heights – Bell Drive, Parkview Drive, Lynnhaven Drive, Ross Drive, Valleyview Drive, and Windvale Drive will be sealed with Tar & Chipped this summer.

This project goal is to seal any cracks in the streets and extend the life expectancy of the surface.

We are using a smaller chip than is used on most roads to make the final result much smoother.

There will be no parking along any of these streets for about two weeks. Signs will be posted at the beginning of each street prior to the construction and until the final sweeping takes place.

Any vehicle left along the street will be fined and towed at the owner’s expense. Please help us make sure this is successful project.

Tentative dates are: August 12th with a rain date August 19th.

Paving Complete:

We have completed the paving project for this year. Mill, Washington and Edwards have been paved.

Make sure entrances to driveways and parking lots are built up to keep the edges from breaking down. And make sure it does not block water along the street. This destroys the blacktop.


Crawford County Fair:

Don’t forget the annual Crawford County Fair. It will be held from August 17th to 24th.

There will be rides, displays, animals, concerts, shows, games, competitions and most of all great food!

School Starts the end of August:

August 28th is the first day of school this year.

Be especially careful when driving…watch for children walking to a bus stop.

Curfew and Daytime Curfew:

□   The Borough has had some recent problems with juveniles running the streets at night and during the day causing problems! The following ordinance has been, and will continue to be enforced:

□   It is unlawful for any juvenile, that is being “home schooled” or enrolled in “cyber school” or is

 “absent from school” to be on a public street or place within Saegertown Borough between the hours of

6:00 am and 4:00 pm prevailing time, during normally scheduled School days unless accompanied by

 a parent, teacher or guardian over 18 years old.

□   It is also unlawful for any juvenile to be on a public street or upon a public place within Saegertown

Borough between the hours of 11:00 pm to 6:00 a.m. prevailing time.

  The Borough will give parents or guardians one courtesy warning. After that, the first fine is $50. Any

further incident will result in a $250 fine. Warnings and fines are carried over from year-to-year until the

juvenile is over 18 years old. Jail time is also an option for the District Justice if the problem persists.

New Salt and Storage Building:

The Borough recently had a new salt storage building constructed behind the Brough Offices.

It will store our supply of winter salt, and serve as a storage area for maintenance items.

Feel free to stop by and take a look, or ask for a tour. It is a really nice-looking building and matches the décor of the other buildings on the complex.

Saegertown Public Library: Golf Outing

On August 17th the Library will sponsor one of their major fund raisers for the year –

the annual golf outing at Venango Valley Golf Course. There are great prizes and a

fantastic steak dinner at the conclusion. You can sign up at the Library,

and if you are not a golfer consider sponsoring a hole. This event is becoming a

favorite with area golfers. Have some fun, win some prizes and support the Library.

4 Wheelers & ATV’s:

It is illegal to ride “Non street legal vehicles” (ATV’s – 4 Wheelers – Golf Carts etc.) on Borough streets without permission. We have been receiving complaints. Please notify the Borough if you can identify the riders, or the property they are stored in.


For those properties who are required to have sidewalks or elected to keep them, remember to inspect them and keep them up to code:

-Grass and weeds must be removed from cracks

-No crack can be wider than ½ inch

-The difference in elevation between sections can be no higher than ½ inch.

-Borough inspections will take place in the spring.

-All replacements must meet code: min. 5 feet wide, with ADA approved corners.

Tax Collector Information:

Office Hours at the Borough building are as follows:

Evening Hours are from 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, and Saturday Hours are from 10:00 am until 11:00 am.


Wednesday – 8/14/19 – 8/28/19


Wednesday – 9/11/19 – 9/18/19 – 9/25/19

Thursday – 9/19/19 – 9/26/19

Saturday – 9/21/19 – 9/28/19

Payments may be made by mail to: Saegertown Tax collector, PO Box 348, Saegertown, Pa. 16433

The Borough Secretary cannot accept tax payments.

If you have any questions please contact Amanda Pipper at:

814-763-5401 or


Regular Community Meetings:

Borough Council: meetings second Mon. of month, 6:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.

Sewer Authority: meetings second Tues. of month, 7:00 pm at Saegertown Borough Building on Erie St.


“Today is another chance to get it right.”

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