August 2016


Streets and Alleys Vacated:

 The following streets and alleys have been vacated.

 The vacated portions are split between the property owners on each side:

                 Whipple Alley    – entire length

                 Harkins Alley    – entire length

                 Sackett Alley      – from Main Street to Kern Alley

                 Edwards Alley   – from Whipple Alley to Erie Street

 Labor Day Steak Raffle – Library Benefit:

 The Saegertown Area Library will hold a Labor Day Steak Raffle on Aug. 27th.

 The prize is 12 individually wrapped 12-oz. sirloin steaks.

 Tickets may be purchased at the Library on Broad St. For more information call 763-5203.

 Pokémon Virtual Game – Remember the Curfew:

 Just a reminder that the Borough has a midnight until 6:00 am curfew. Those under 18 years old can NOT be running around town during those hours for anything – even to catch Pokémon!

 Water Line for the South Roundabout:

 We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we moved the water lines for the South roundabout. Fortunately we were able to limit those customers that were out of water. More work to do at a later date.

 Round-a-Bout Update:

 South: The contract for the South roundabout has been let. J.C. Lee was awarded the contract for $3,733,000.

 The borough has moved the water lines necessary for construction. The new construction should be starting soon.

 North: Let date for the project is in September. Most of the properties have been purchased and progress should be noted in the near future.

 Be patient with these projects, the end result should be awesome!

 Crawford County Fair:

 The annual Crawford County Fair will be held from August 20-27 this year

 at the Fairgrounds in West Mead Township. Concerts, wresting, bull mania,

 rides, truck pulls and demo derby are just some of the programs on the agenda.

 Stop and see the livestock animals and remember the great food available.

 District 10 Champions – Congratulations!

 Several Borough residents played on High School Championship teams this spring.

 Great job and thanks for representing Saegertown well!

             Boys’ Volleyball Team

 Congratulations to Coach Johnson and the Boys Volleyball team for winning their 3rd District 10 title in the past four years. They finished in the top 4 in the state.

             Girls Softball Team

 Also congratulations to Coach McKissock and the Girls’ Softball team for winning the District 10 title and advancing in the State Tournament!

 Street Lights on Main Street:

 At our request, Penelec recently replaced several of the High Pressure Sodium Street Lights along Main Street with new LED lights. There is an obvious difference. Let us know what you think, as we are considering having more replaced. The new ones are a brighter white light, rather than the reddish HPS lights.

 Animals in Garbage: You clean it up!



If you put your trash out in the evening and an animals gets into it…YOU are responsible for picking up the trash…even if it blows into the neighbor’s yard. Littering fines may be assessed to violators.






   Garbage Pick-up Labor Day Weekend:

 There will be NO garbage pick-up on Labor Day (September 5th) Pick-up for the week will be Tuesday September 6th.

 Remember: Trash may not be placed at the curb more than 24 hours before pick-up, and the containers must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after pick-up.

   Sidewalk Inspections:

             Grass needs to be removed from cracks on sidewalks so we can properly inspect them.

             Date to comply with the sidewalk ordinance has been extended to September 1, 2017.

                 -Many sidewalks have been preliminary inspected, and the remainder will be shortly.

                 A small colored dot has been placed on a section of the sidewalk needing attention.

                 -Red dot: section needs removed or replaced.

                 -Yellow dot: section needs repaired (or removed or replaced)

                 -Green mark: This area requires an ADA corner, unless sidewalks in both directions are removed.

                 -Blue dot: Good sidewalk that does not meet regulations (such as too narrow), you may apply for an exemption.

                 -No marking by Borough: Presently meets requirements.

  SAFETY Tip of the Month:

 Heat Stoke and Heat Exhaustion

                 Heat Exhaustion: When you are very hot and sweaty, do not feel good and may have a temperature.

                                 *Get out of the sun or get to a cool place

                                 *Drink plenty of water

                                 *Lie down and elevate your feet.

                 Heat Stroke: When you are hot, you have an elevated temperature, you are red in color,

                                                                 and you are not sweating.

                                 This is a true medical emergency

                                 *Call 911

                                 *Cool the body with cool water (not cold or with ice)

                                 *Particularly cool areas such as the head, neck, under arms or the groin.


   Quote of the Month:

 If everyone is thinking alike then someone is not thinking.

                                                                         -Gen. George Patton