November 2016

Election Day:

                Remember to Vote on Tuesday November 8th


Borough Council and Staff wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving

Moving Trees for South Round-a-Bout:

Several Oak trees that we planted on the south end of town were being removed for the new Roundabout.

Thanks to Matt Dangel for finding a contractor that could move the trees, and the Jordan Family Foundation for funding the project…the trees have all been saved from becoming firewood!

They were moved, replanted and will make a nice boundary for the south roundabout.

Snow Parking Rules – it’s that time of year!

Help us keep the streets cleared from snow!!

Snow parking rules are in effect from November 1st to April 1st.

                Saeger-Heights ………………………… NO Parking Any Time

                                (Bell, Parkview, Lynnhaven, Ross, Valleyview, Windvale)

                Main Street and Erie Street …… NO Parking midnight to 7:00 am

                All Other Streets:

                   North and West sides - NO parking 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on even days

                                (second, fourth, sixth etc.)

                   South and East sides - NO parking 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on odd days

                                (first, third, fifth etc.)

                Tip: if your house has an odd street number (like: 345) – no parking on that side on odd days

                       If your house has an even street number (like: 344) – no parking on that side on even days                         

Shoveling Sidewalks:

                On September of 2017 the new sidewalk ordinance will be in full effect. Sidewalks will need to be cleared from snow every day. Start shoveling and clearing snow this winter … be prepared for next year.

Roundabouts – Start getting prepared:

Go to the Federal Highway Administration website (search: FHWA – Roundabouts) and watch the video near the middle of the first page. It is only 11 minutes long and explains “why a roundabout”, and “how to use them”.

Also the PENNDOT website ( has information to help people understand how to navigate in a roundabout, and answer questions about them.

North Roundabout Update:

The bridge on the north end of town is scheduled to be closed around March 15th of 2017

and the plan is to re-open it on August 25, 2017. We will update any changes to the schedule in future newsletters.

Demolition of old houses and the start of construction will begin soon.

South Roundabout Update:

This is progressing nicely! Drive by and have a look. It is shaping up to where you can get an idea of what it will look like and where it will be!

Time Change – Fall Back:

Daylight savings time ends at 2:00 am on Sunday November 6th. Turn your clocks back one hour.

Enjoy the extra hour of sleep!

Holiday Garbage Pick-up:

                Thanksgiving: … normal pick-up on Monday November 28th.

                Christmas: ……….normal pick-up on Monday December 26th.

Trees along Sidewalks:

If you are keeping your sidewalks, or live along Main and Erie Streets, the Borough will give permission to remove trees that may damage the sidewalks. Contact the Borough office for permission to remove them at your expense.

Borough Tax Collector:

The Borough’s long-time tax collector, Marilyn Stallard, has notified Council that she will NOT be running for the office next year. Residents interested in the position should prepare to run for the office in the spring primary.

Regulations for Tax Collectors can be found on The Penna. DCED website (Act 48 Property Tax Collector)

                Some of the requirements for a new tax collector are:

                                -Must take the Basic Training Class from DCED

                                -Must take 6 education credits each year

                                -Must pass a criminal history background check and present it to the Borough.

Heritage Society – Christmas Ornament available:



The “High Schools of Saegertown” are featured on this year’s limited edition Christmas Ornament

It is available for pre-order from the Heritage Society

on Broad St. (This year is the seventeenth in the series)

They can also be purchased at Memory Lane

Call 763-2997 for more information


Jordan Park Bathrooms:

The bathrooms at Jordan Park have been winterized and closed for the season.

Lighting Christmas Lights and Santa’s Arrival:

Santa will arrive by Firetruck at the Gazebo on Main Street on Sunday November 27th

At 6:00 pm. The Town Christmas lights will be lighted at that time also!

There will be a community Christmas party at the Methodist Church on Euclid Ave.

immediately after Santa has talked to all the children at the Gazebo.

Everyone is invited to party!

SAFETY Tip of the Month:          Hunting Season

Let’s make this hunting season safe and successful:

When using a firearm or bow be sure to follow the five primary safety rules: Think S.M.A.R.T.

                S:   Safe Direction:              Keep your gun or bow pointed in a safe direction at all times.

                M: Make Sure:                     Positively identify your target

                A:   Always Check:               Know what is beyond your target before shooting

                R:   Respect Firearms:          Treat all firearms as if they are loaded

                T:   Trigger Caution:            Don’t touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot     



                And remember to always Get Permission to hunt on private property!                                                                    

Quote of the Month:

“Some who are not paid what they are worth … ought to be glad.”