September 2016

Property Taxes:

We have had complaints about high real estate (property) taxes. Your Fall tax bill is for School Taxes, and the spring tax bill is for the Borough and the County. Tax rates are as follows:

                                Borough:                                4 mil

                                County:                           19.1 mil     

                                School:                           48.96 mil

Example:    If your total property taxes are $2,000,        

                             Here is where the money goes:

                                Borough:                               $100

                                County:                                 $540

                                School:                                $1,360    

Support Local Businesses:

The roundabout and Main Street Projects will cause occasional traffic delays in town for the next year.

Please do not get too frustrated. Even though it may be an inconvenience, remember to continue to

support our local businesses.  Help them successfully get through this construction too.

Round-a-Bout Update:

South: Water lines in the area have been moved, and the contractor is starting construction soon.

North: Water lines should be moved by the end of September. All the houses have been purchased and demolition will begin in the near future. This project should be let by PENNDOT by the next newsletter.

Auditing Borough Finances and Citizen Complaints:

Contrary to an “important” letter sent out by a disgruntled citizen recently, the Borough is audited by a CPA Firm yearly, and the report is published in the Meadville Tribune each year. We also face yearly audits for: liquid fuels, pension and worker’s compensation. Saegertown Borough takes citizen’s complaints very seriously and The Borough has a highly qualified and experienced staff that takes great pride in its work for the citizens of the Borough. We are also very proud of our well audited financial records.

Removing Sidewalks? – Don’t Damage Trees:

When removing sidewalks remember NOT to damage trees or their roots that are on the Right-of way.

You will be responsible for any damage to the trees.

Anyone that would like to remove a tree at their own expense may make the request to Borough Council.

Otherwise the Borough will continue the present Tree program of removing or trimming trees as necessary.

Sidewalks - Main St. & Erie St.:

         Main Street:

                All property owners on Main St. should have provided the Borough with proof of frontage by now, and           selected a payment plan. If you have not please do so immediately or you will lose out on the discount.

         Erie Street:

                Property Owners on the North side of the street must repair or remove all sidewalks by Sept. 30, 2017.

                Property Owners on the South side of the street will be notified in the spring exactly what needs done.

                Property owners on the South side will only be responsible for 20% of the cost of the project.

Sidewalks – Remainder of Town:

                You have until September 30, 2017 to repair, remove or replace any sidewalks.

                Call the Borough Office if you would like your sidewalks inspected.

                Grass must be removed from cracks prior to inspection.


Watch next month’s newsletter for the leaf pick-up schedule.

Leaf bags will be available by the first of October.

Consider mulching your leaves. That is the least labor intensive method of disposal.

Back to School:

School has started once again.

                Watch for School busses – remember to NEVER pass one that has its light flashing.

                Watch for children walking to the bus stop – particularly as the mornings get darker.

Community Service:

On Saturday September 24 members of Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church (dressed in bright orange shirts) will be working in the homes and yards of your neighbors in need. This is part of the “God’s Work – Our Hands Project.”

                Call 814-763-5384 if you want to help.

Flood Zone:

Be aware if you own property in the Flood Zone. You may observe the map at the Borough Office.

There are special regulations for building in that zone, or placing objects such as sheds etc.

Check before you do anything in the flood zone!

Slow Down to Get Around:

                                The “Slow Down to Get Around” initiative is to promote safety of service providers.

                                If you approach a garbage truck, fire truck, ambulance, police cars or mailmen… slow down

                                keep a safe distance…watch for pedestrians in the area.      

                                Also remember to keep at least 4 feet from any bicycle riding on the road!

Electronics Re-cycling – ends on September 30th:

The electronic recycling project that was funded again this year by the Jordan Family Foundation will end on September 30th. NO more items will be taken after that date. You can take items to ECS&R in Greenwood Township or Lincoln Recycling in Meadville after that date at your own expense.

We would like to thank the Jordan Family Foundation for supporting the project once again this year!

Crawford Street Improvement:

The storm water improvement project on Crawford Street

was funded by a Grant from the Conservation District.

Our employees did the work, and the grant purchased the material.

We would like to thank the Conservation District for the support of this project!

Grass Clippings:

The Borough will not pick up grass clippings – even if they are in the clear leaf bags.

We have no place to dispose of them. Landfills are not permitted to take them either.


The Borough will only take the Clear Bags and they can only have sticks, leaves, or tree and shrub trimmings.              

SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Get Furnaces ready for Cold Weather:

                Cold weather will be here before you know it!

                Have your furnace cleaned and serviced or complete the following check list:

                                -Clean or replace the filter

                                -Check the blower belt and oil the blower motor

                                -Make sure the blower doors are replaced properly

                                -Make sure vents are not obstructed

                                -Make sure the exhaust flue is not obstructed.

                                -Remove all flammable objects from around your furnace.

                                -Have a working Carbon Monoxide Detector in your home.           

                        Quote of the Month:

                        “Do not let what you cannot do - interfere with what you can do.”

                                                                                    -John Wooden