March 2017

Round-a-Bout Update:

                -Did you know that roundabouts provide a 90% reduction in fatal traffic crashes?

                -They cause a 75% reduction in injury crashes.

                -They cause a 40% reduction in pedestrian crashes

                -They cause a 10% reduction in bicycle crashes!

                -They typically carry 30% more vehicles than similar signalized intersections!

Bridge to be Shut Down:

The bridge over French Creek at Rt. 19 and 198 on the north end of town is scheduled

to be closed for replacement on March 15th. Be prepared for detours!!

Alternate Traffic Plans:

                Alternate traffic plans will be posted. Watch for and abide by the new signs.

Emergencies during construction:

                Emergencies will be handled using new detour routes and mutual aid assistance.

                Be patient…help is coming.

Water Bills are due by 20th of the Month:

                Water bills are always mailed by the 5th of each month. Make sure you get one, or call the office. We are not responsible for delays from the Post Office. Payments are due by the 20th of the month or you will be charged a late charge. Remember that there is a payment drop box (No Cash) on the West side of the Borough Building.

NO Brush or Leaf Pick-up until after April 15:

Please do not pile brush out by the street prior to that date.

Firearms and Hunting in the Borough:

                -Firearms are NOT permitted to be fired on the West side of the railroad tracks or on the railroad tracks.

                -On the East side of the railroad tracks, shooting is permitted provided:

                                -Must be on the shooters property…or

                                -Must have permission of the property owner.

                                -Must be 150 yards from a structure, or own the structure

                                -Must shoot into a safe background.

                                -Must abide by the Pa. Game Commission hunting rules.

Paving or Concrete Driveways:

                Any paving or concrete of driveways or parking areas now requires a free permit from the Borough,

                and storm water rules apply to the construction. This is for new or replacement projects.

Ever wonder how the maintenance men spend their time?

                Keep the water flowing to you for drinking, cooking, toilets and showers

                Repairing, salting and snow plowing streets

                Mowing, trimming and upkeep of all the parks (we mow or trim 21 different locations),

                Picking up leaves and brush,

                Maintaining all the Borough owned buildings (we maintain many buildings- some small, some large)

                Cleaningand flushingstorm drains

                Special projects, like moving water lines for roundabouts, or installing new storm drains

                Maintain equipment (lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, portable pumps, concrete saw etc.)

                ►Maintain vehicles (we have 3 trucks, a backhoe, a tractor, and an ATV)

                And many more odd jobs!!!

                These guys are always busy, they are dedicated and they do a great job for the Borough!

What 15 locations do we mow and trim?    

                -Borough Building                                -Fire Department                                  -Library

                -Heritage Museum                               -McGill House                                        -Jordan Park

                -Creek Bank by lighted bridge            -4 corners of the Town Square           -Reservoir

                -6 well locations                                   -2 railroad overpasses                         -Crawford Street

Which Buildings does the Borough maintain?

                -Borough Building                                -Salt building                                        -2 Reservoirs

                -High-Pressure Pump House               -6 well houses                                       -Jordan Park Restrooms

                -Jordan Park Press box                        -10 dugouts                                          -Gazebo

                -2 picnic pavilions                                                -Playground                                          -Shade pavilion   

Why Ordinances?

Someone once called an ordinance a “Stupid People Law”. If everyone respected their neighbor and others in the community, and had a little self-pride we would not need any ordinances. However, they are designed to protect property owners and the citizens of Saegertown. They are intended to keep order, and protect property values.

The most puzzling complainers are those who complain about ordinances … that is, until they have a reason to complain about something or someone else, and then they want the ordinance enforced or a new one in place!

Ordinances are for the good of everyone in town…not just for a select few residents!


We will continue to provide brief summaries of the sections of the new codified ordinances each month until we have covered them all.

Chapter 5: Law and Order:

                Rules for discharging firearms in the Borough (explained in this newsletter) - Regulates: disorderly conduct,    public decency, Sex-oriented businesses - Authorizes a curfew for juveniles - Addresses enforcement of all           of the ordinances.

Chapter 6: Fire Protection:

                Adopts the “International Fire Code” for regulations and enforcement of fire protection - Authorizes and          requires an insurance escrow account after fire damage, to assure properties are repaired or clean-up     after a fire.

Congratulations Bill Hetrick – Golden Apple Teacher:

Bill Hetrick, a Saegertown English Teacher and borough resident was recently awarded the weekly

“Golden Apple Award” by Edinboro University and JET TV 24.Obviously a great teacher and well liked,

he is also the Cross Country Coach and has a State Championship under his belt. Congratulations!!


→Don’t Forget: Support Local Businesses during the Roundabout Construction←


SAFETY Tip of the Month:


Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally through the breakdown of soil and rocks.

It can enter through cracks in a foundation or other openings.

The National Institute of Health classified radon as a human carcinogen.

Pennsylvania is prone to high levels of radon; however you may or may not have it.

Purchase a home radon test kit at a hardware or home improvement store (cost $10-$15).

For your peace of mind, check and see if you have a problem.

If you have radon leaking in, there are protective treatments available for you.

Fall and winter (now) are the best times to check for it.

For more information you can call: 1-800-23 RADON.


Quote of the Month:

Don’t hang with negative people. They will pull you down with them.