December 2016

Snow Parking:

Reminder: snow parking regulations are in effect from November 1st to April 1st.

If there is any snow or we anticipate any snow…we will enforce the ordinance!

Help us keep the streets safe and drivable.

White garbage bags-snow:

We suggest that you use black garbage bags in winter instead of white ones, so your garbage does not get missed.


There will be no increase in property taxes from the incredibly low 4 mil. (No increase for 10 years in a row!)

Water Rates:

There will be a service fee added to water bills based on the size of the customer’s water line. Most residential customers will only see a $1 per month fee. Here are the remaining rates:

                5/8” or 3/4" line…. $1 per month                      3”-4” line …………… $25 per month

                1” line ……………….. $5 per month                       6”-8”-10” line ……$100 per month

                1 ½” – 2” line …… $20 per month

Garbage Rates:

Garbage rates will remain at $12.00 per month. This is made possible by the new 3 year contract!

Landlord Fees:

The Borough has hired an outside inspector to inspect rental properties. The new inspection fees are as follows:

                -$35 for a house or the first unit inspected in a multi-unit building.

                -$20 for each additional unit in a building

                -There is no longer a maximum fee.

                -Re-inspection fee is $35 per unit.

Failure to provide payment, and/or the required paperwork by the due date will result in failed inspection, requiring a second inspection, additional fees, and the loss of the 3 year exemption. 

Christmas and New Year’s Office hours:

The Borough Office will be closed Friday December 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th, and closed for New Years on Monday January 2nd. 2017. Please use payment box for any water payments.

Garbage Pick-up for Holidays:

Garbage will be picked up Monday December 26th and Monday January 2nd (2017) at usual times.

Shutting Water Off: 24 hr. notice:

The Borough requires 24 hours’ notice to shut water off at the curb for inside plumbing work. Turing water on and off more than once will result in a $25-on and a $25-off fees being assessed.

Turning water on and off for long periods, such as going south for the winter, will result in an on and off fee.

Curb Boxes – Borough Employees Only:

Only Borough employees are permitted to shut the water off at the curb box. Anyone who turns a valve at a curb box or attempts to turn one, will be responsible for the entire cost of replacing a broken valve.

NO More Brush Pick-up until Spring:

The Brush Dump is closed for the winter. No more brush pick-up until spring.

Please do not pile brush out near the street, as the snow plow will push it back into your yard.        


Quote of the Month:

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.”-Janice Maeditere



Roundabout Projects: Let’s Set the Record Straight!!!


The roundabouts were determined and designed by educated traffic engineers, and are being constructed by       very competent construction companies. There have been many rumors and misinformation spread around…          Here are the FACTS:

Why were roundabouts selected?

PENNDOT has the final say on construction on both State and Federal highways. No one can argue that there are traffic problems at both ends of Saegertown at the intersections of Rt. 19 and Rt. 198. Plans to minimize traffic congestion at these two locations have been in the planning stages for years. The bridge over French Creek was also due to be replaced. The Federal Government mandates that roundabouts be considered in place of traffic lights for all new projects. It has been proven that traffic lights actually hinder traffic flow, and roundabouts keep traffic moving.

Who selected roundabouts?

PENNDOT engineers had the final say on selecting roundabouts in Saegertown. While Borough Council had no official say in the final decision, they supported and continue to support the project.

How are the roundabouts being paid for?

The Federal Government is funding 80% of the project, and PENNDOT is funding the other 20%. (This is money mandated for roads and bridges when the State increased the “gas tax” last year.) The Borough paid part of the cost to move water lines and to remove the trees along the new sidewalks.

What role does the Borough play?

The Borough was responsible for moving water lines away from the projects. Fortunately State Senator Michelle Brooks assisted in getting 50% of the cost at the South roundabout, and 75% of the cost at the north roundabout paid for. It still cost the Borough $49,738.12. The Borough will also be responsible for maintenance of the roundabouts (except for plowing snow around them) and maintenance of the new traffic light when the projects are completed.

The Borough has also been able to take part on the planning of the landscaping on both roundabouts, and made several decisions on the new traffic light. We are involved daily with the contractors and engineers on both projects: north and south.


To be able to blacktop streets now, the Federal Government mandates that curbs, crossings and sidewalks meet the standards of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). That is why the sidewalks on Main Street are being replaced to the NEW Specifications. This is a Federal Mandate! Fortunately they are paying for 80% of the new sidewalks, and the property owners will only be responsible for 20%. That is a great deal!

Trees on Main Street:

To the Borough’s and the contractor’s disappointment, several trees along Main Street had to be removed to make room for the new sidewalks. The contractor - NOT the Borough had to select the trees that had to be removed so the sidewalks would meet the Federal Standards. However, the Borough had to pay for this tree removal ($8,125).

Traffic Light:

The traffic light at Main and Erie Streets is one of the oldest in the County, and is nearing it productive life. Thankfully replacement was included in the project to entirely replace this old system with a new up-to-date one. The Borough is responsible for maintenance of traffic lights, so this new system should save the Borough taxpayers money for years to come.

Big Trucks on Roundabouts:

Someone commented on Facebook that the trailer of a semi had to go up on the center section of a roundabout. That is how the roundabouts are designed. The inside section is not for regular traffic, it is to help the semis navigate the roundabout easily.

Take the time to understand roundabouts before being critical of them.


The contractors have been selected by the bidding process, and were approved by PENNDOT. Both have been very cooperative!


Contrary to rumors, the loss of borough tax revenue for the projects is minimal. The Borough will only lose $455 in yearly tax revenue by the demolition of the 6 houses on the north end, and less than $30 on the purchased property on the south end.


Set the “local experts” straight:

While most of the biggest complainers will probably not read this, please set them straight. Let’s stop the rumors and negativity. The Borough Manager or Borough Council has NOT made these decisions. We are cooperating and working with the contractors and the State to help get these projects completed. Let’s all be thankful that over 11 million dollars of our Federal and State taxes are being returned to Saegertown!