January 2017

Snow Parking:

Remember: Snow Parking rules are in effect from November until April. We strictly enforce the ordinance if there is snow on the ground or snow is anticipated. Call the office if you are unsure of the restrictions.

                First Offense……………………..written warning on vehicle

                Second Offense:……………….$50 fine

                Each additional offense……$250 fine

Salt on new sidewalks:

-It is recommended that you do not use salt or ice melt on the new sidewalks,

for at least the first year. Sand is the suggested anti-skid product.

WIC…Thanks for Decorating for Holidays

Once again the Women’s Improvement Club decorated the Town Square for the Holidays.

It had a new look this year that looked great. A big Thank You to all the members of the club!

NO More Brush or Leaf Pick-up until Spring:

The Borough will no longer be picking up brush or leaves until sometime in the spring.

Watch future newsletters for the start-up date.

Rental Units:

Any residence that is occupied by someone other than the owner is considered a rental unit and is subject to the Landlord/Rental ordinance regulations, even if no rent is paid. Contact the borough office if you meet this description, to receive a landlord packet, and learn the regulations.

Beavers on French Creek:

Many people have noticed that beavers have attacked several trees along

French Creek near the Welcome sign. We have a trapper secured to trap them

when the season starts on December 26th. In the spring we will clean up the area

and plant some new trees etc. We are sure the beavers feel we are invading their territory!!

Round-a-Bout Update:

Work is slow on the roundabouts due to the weather, and waiting for gas lines to be removed. Demolition will continue on the north end when the asbestos is removed. Expect construction to be heavy in the spring.

The Bridge near the Dairy Isle is scheduled to be closed and replaced starting March 15th, 2017.

Codified Ordinances:

                The Borough recently completed a several-year project of codifying all the ordinances. We researched              ordinances on the books back to the 1890’s (previous ordinances were combined at that time). All the              ordinances have been updated and combined into chapters for easier access. For the next few months we                 are going to highlight all of the chapters, and give a brief description of each.

                Hopefully these will be available on the website in the near future.

Chapter 1: Administration: Repeals old ordinances - Addresses employees such as: manager, secretary, treasurer         and appointment of auditors - Authorizes and regulates pensions - Sets Borough Council Compensation.

Chapter 2: Animals: General regulations for all animals, including cleanliness - Regulates dogs barking or noisy            animals - Restricts animals running loose in the borough - Regulates what animals can and cannot be kept     in the Borough limits.


Building Permits:

            Please remember that building permits are required for ANY new construction. Garages, sheds, fences, decks, porches and swimming pools all require a permit. Contact the Borough Office for information.

Newsletters are posted on the Website:

If you know someone that does not get our newsletters and would like one, they are posted on the Borough’s Website every month at saegertownpa.com

New Residents – Notify the Borough Office:

Every resident of the Borough that is over 18 years old must register at the Borough Office and be placed on the per capita roles. (Remember that the penalty for not paying it is more than the tax itself!!)

Also please advise us if your Post Office Box number changes.

Plowing Snow on Streets:

It is illegal to plow or shovel snow onto streets or onto someone else’s property.


Garbage Cost for 2017:

As stated last month the Borough has secured a new 3 year garbage contract. The price per month will remain the same as the last 3 years: $12 per month.

Garbage pick-up Schedule for 2017:

Garbage pick-up will remain the same as before: Monday morning after 8:00 am.

The following Holidays are exceptions, and will result in pick-up on Tuesday morning:

                Memorial Day       May 29, 2017:             pick-up will be on Tuesday the 30th.

                Labor Day             September 4, 2017:   pick-up will be on Tuesday the 5th.

All other holidays, including New Years, will be picked up as usual on Monday morning.



SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Make sure you have a working Carbon Monoxide Detector this winter.

If you have a detector – Test it.

If you do not have one – we recommend you get one!

Remember that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a silent killer.

All rental units are required to have a working CO detector in them.

Protect you and your family!




Call 9-1-1 if you think you have a Carbon Monoxide Leak.



Quote of the Month:

“Eloquence: Saying the proper thing and stopping.”

                                                                        -Stanley Link