October 2016

General Election Day:

Don’t forget to VOTE on Tuesday November 8th!

Saegertown residents vote at the Borough Building on Erie St.

Main St. Sidewalks:

Property Owner’s on Main Street have until November 1st to sign up for discounts or monthly payments.

You must pick a payment choice and provide deed or survey by that date. Don’t miss out on this deal!!!

Sidewalks – Remainder of Town:

The remainder of the Borough has the choice to: repair, replace or remove sidewalks.

This must be done by September 1, 2017.

Call the office if you want your sidewalks inspected.

Grass must be removed from all cracks. (Not just killed with weed spray)


         Make everyone’s life a little easier this year…Mulch your leaves!

       Leaf Pick-up – Bagged Leaves:

         Bagged leaves will be picked up regularly after the first of October…as time permits…

         Please be patient, we’ll get to them when we have time!

         Leaf Pick-up – Raked Leaves:

         The schedule to pick up leaves that are raked to the edge of road, will be the weeks of October 17th and 24th

         Weather permitting. Remember: We cannot pick up raked leaves on Saeger-heights…they must be bagged.

         Do NOT rake leaves onto the street or berm. They must be on grass.

       We cannot pick-up wet leaves. You will have to bag them.

       Please make sure glass, metal, paper, sticks, limbs and rocks are not piles of leaves.

       Leaf Bags:

       Rolls of clear leaf bags are now available at the Borough Office.

       Limit one roll (25 bags) at a time. Please do NOT ask for more.

       NO Burning Leaves:

         Leaves may NOT be burned anywhere in the Borough.

       This includes if you have a burn permit, which allows you to burn in a fire ring or burn barrel.

       Kids and Leaves:

        Make sure kids are NOT playing in piles of leaves before running over them with a car!

Cash Water Payments:

If you are making a cash payment for water bills, please be advised:                                                       

We will only accept coins up to one dollar.

Place your coins in rolls and turn them in for paper money at your bank.

Round-a-Bout Update:

PENNDOT let the bid for the North roundabout to Clearwater Construction for $7,289,000.

Also, Construction on the South roundabout should start shortly.

We will try to keep residents updated as construction begins and takes place.

Please Support Our Local Businesses!!      

Trick-or-Treat Night:

The Annual Trick-or-Treat night will be Thursday October 27, 2016 from 6:00 to 7:30.

Leave porch lights on if you are participating.

Be extra careful ...watch for children on streets that night.

Heritage Society – Christmas Ornament now available:



The “High Schools of Saegertown” are featured on this year’s limited edition Christmas Ornament

It is available for pre-order from the Heritage Society

on Broad St. (This year is the seventeenth in the series)

They can also be purchased at Memory Lane

Call 763-2997 for more information








Welcoming Signs:

         When successful sports teams are welcomed back to town…or

         Special events like “relay for life” are observed

         There are some simple rules for placing signs (or balloons and ribbons etc.):

                     -NO nails or staples in trees or poles (please use tape or ribbons)

                     -Signs and other items (like balloons) must be removed the next day!

                   -Notify the Borough Office (we need to have a contact person)

Fire Dept. Fund Drive:

You should have received a request for a donation from Saegertown Vol. Fire Dept. recently.

Remember that they are an all-volunteer Department and rely heavily for your contributions.

If you did not receive a request, you can mail your donation to: PO Box 164, Saegertown.

Lead in Water:

We had questions about the elevated levels of lead at the Saegertown School Complex recently.

Saegertown Schools do NOT get water from the Borough System, they have their own wells.

15 parts per Billion of lead is permissible in drinking water according to EPA guidelines.

Random sampling of 10 locations in the Borough had an average of 1.8 parts per billion- well under the guidelines!

The highest level we found was 4.3 ppb and the lowest was less than 1 ppb.

Looking for Some Relatives:

If you know the family of Scott H. Brown, who died in a motorcycle accident in 1990, please contact the Borough Office. We were given a plaque that had been placed at a local industry in his memory. We would like his family to have it.

Be Prepared for Snow:

We usually get snow sometime in October – be prepared and drive carefully.

Reminder: Snow-Parking regulations will start November 1st.    


SAFETY Tip of the Month:

Fall Driving Dangers:

                -Children are back to school: watch for them heading to bus stops

                -Shorter Days: it gets darker early – it is more difficult to see things

                -Leaves: falling leaves may be a distraction, and they make streets slippery

                -Fog: fall means foggy roads – drive slow – pay extra attention

                -Frost: make sure windows are clear from frost before driving

                -Sun glare: sun is lower in the sky making morning and evening glare a problem – wear sun glasses

                -Deer: The Rut begins and deer are moving – watch for them everywhere!


Quote of the Month:

“The best way to win an argument is to begin by being right.”

                                                                                                            -Jill Ruckelshaus