April 2017

Evelyn Jordan:

We were sorry to learn that Evelyn Jordan passed away early in March from a short illness. Evelyn, her husband Chal and their family have been great benefactors to Saegertown, having supported the Library, the Fire Department, the Historical Society and the overall beauty of the Borough. She was a very nice lady and we would like to express deepest condolences to the Jordan Family.

Sidewalks – This is the Year!

All sidewalks must be fixed to specifications or removed by September 1, 2017.

If you are keeping sidewalks, Please contact the Borough office and we will look at your sidewalks to determine if they meet the specifications. Remember: if you are on a corner the corners must meet ADA regulations.

Bridge Shut Down:

The north bridge was shut down on March 15th. Hopefully it will be open in late August. Emergency response plans are in place for any emergency that may arise. Be patient with traffic delays. This will be over before you know it!


→Please Support Local Businesses during the Construction←


April is Tax Month…….

Feared, despised, hated etc. - that is how people feel about income taxes and tax day. Taxes are due April 15th.

The Borough has done its part to make taxes affordable to residents. Property tax millage is only 4 mil. This rate is the same as back in 1985. That is the same rate for 32 years. Inflation had increased dramatically during that time. $100 in 1985 now costs $223 in 2017 (costs have more than doubled in that period). Saegertown is lucky to have had a very thrifty and efficient Council for many years.

Annual Audit:

A CPA firm has audited all of the Borough’s finances, and we passed with flying colors!

Fire Dept. CASH BASH

The annual Fire Dept. Cash Bash is Saturday June 3rd. Tickets are available at area merchants,

at the Borough Building, or at the Fire Station on Wednesday nights.

Library Walk-a Thon:

The annual walk-a-thon sponsored by the Saegertown Area Library will be Saturday May 13th.

Contact the Library for more information.

Ball Tourney at Jordan Park

There will be a Little League ball tourney on June 2-3-4…Please Drive safely in the area of Jordan Park.            


Reminder: Dumpsters may only be emptied from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm.

Also no emptying dumpsters on Sunday mornings from 7:00 am until noon.          

Dogs and Cats:

Please remember that there are rules in place concerning pets and animals. Certain animals are not permitted. Animals (including dogs and cats) are not permitted to run loose. Animals are not permitted to make            constant noise that disrupts other people. You must clean up messes when walking pets and                                      no odors are permitted that extend from your property. Check the Borough web page to review the ordinances.



The Borough will begin picking brush up after April 15th – weather permitting. Please remember: All brush must be no longer than 5 feet, and must be stacked in neat piles. We will not pick up anything that one man cannot pick up. Entire trees will not be picked up, just brush. And we cannot take grass clippings.

Annual Weather Exercise:    The Siren will Blow!

The annual test of the Tornado (Disaster) Siren will be held on Tuesday April 25 at approximately 9:00 am

Be prepared for the siren to blow 3 times for one minute each. Remember: This is a test.

Ordinances on the Web Page:

All Borough Ordinances are now available on the Borough web page: saegertownpa.com.

Look under “Borough Government”, then “ordinances”.


                We will continue to provide brief summaries of the sections of the new codified ordinances each month until we have               covered them all.

Chapter 7: Utilities:

                Documents agreements with the following: Telephone Company (Windstream), Railroad (NW Pa. Rail), Fuel Gas        (National Fuel Gas), Electric Company (Penelec), and Cable TV (Armstrong).

Chapter 8: Garbage and Refuse:

                Comprehensive and general rules concerning garbage and refuse - Regulates use and dumping of                 dumpsters – Dumpsters may only be dumped from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. - Prohibits dumping in French Creek. Provides that garbage cans may only be placed at the curb within 24 hours of pick-up, and must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after pick-up.

Watch out for Consumer Scams:

Be careful concerning mail or phone scams. Do not wire money for loved ones or for overnight packages unless you are SURE it is for the right person. Do NOT ever give personal financial information over the phone or in the mail. If you win a lottery you NEVER have to pay any money to get your prize. BE CAREFULL!!


Compare Saegertown to Other Places:

Compare taxes, water rates, streets, parks, services, and overall beauty and maintenance.

We are proud of our record and our town! Saegertown is a great place to live and work!


Safety Tip of the Month:


2017 has started out being a very active tornado year, even in places that do not usually get them.

Here are some reminders and tips:

                Tornado Watch:

                                A watch means conditions are favorable for a tornado.

                                A tornado may or may not hit our area.

                                Watch weather reports and be vigilant.

                Tornado Warning:

                                A warning means a tornado is in the area, or is showing up on radar in the area.

                                Take cover and watch or listen to weather reports.

                Warning Siren:

                                -If there is a warning issued for our area, the fire siren will blow a steady blast for one minute

                                                3 times with a one-minute pause between the blasts. Take cover, and be prepared.

                                - (This alert system is also used for other emergencies such as a flood or chemical leak.)

                What do you do?

                        -Go to your basement, or:

                                                Go to a small room or hallway in the middle of your house or the building you are in.

                                -Stay away from windows and doors. (You do NOT have to open windows)

                                -If in a vehicle, find a safe building to go into, or get out of the vehicle and get in a ditch.

                                -Never get under an overpass to avoid the storm. (They funnel wind!)


Quote of the Month:

“Life is full of surprises, so you might as well get used to it.”

                                                                                                            -Susan Meddaugh