July 2017

Sidewalks – This is the Year!

All sidewalks must be fixed to specifications or removed by September 1, 2017.

If you are keeping sidewalks, Please contact the Borough office and we will look at your sidewalks to determine if they meet the specifications. Remember: if you are on a corner the corners must meet ADA regulations.

The fine for NOT complying with the ordinance is $50.00 per month, beginning September 1st.

If you want your sidewalk checked and we have not done it, or if you have questions, please give us another call.


→ Please Support Local Businesses during the Construction ←


Community Yard Sales Day:

                Yard sales day is Saturday July 15th. Set up day is Friday 14th and tear down is Sunday 16th.

                No permit is needed. All items must be removed from curb or yard by Monday 17th.

CCR – Water Quality Report:

            The annual water quality report – required by DEP – is now available on our website. It summarizes our           testing and issues that happened in 2016. Go to: Saegertownpa.com/CCR to see the report.

Stop signs:

Stop signs mean “Stop”! Motorists that run stop signs are at risk for being ticketed, and are liable if there is an accident. The signs were placed on the back streets for safety, mainly to slow traffic in that area.

Opening the new roundabout:

                The south roundabout opened recently with no major problems. Some drivers that did not pay attention to the signs caused some hic-ups, but semi’s navigated without any problems and overall it has been a huge success!

The north roundabout is still on schedule to be opened around the first of September.

Hopefully weather will cooperate!

ATV’s in the Borough – Clarification:

            It is illegal to drive an ATV on any Borough street, alley or property without prior permission.

Individuals may drive one on their own property, provided they do not have any mud puddles,

and they do NOT violate the disorderly conduct noise provision.

                A violator may be fined without a warning.

Please report violations to the Borough Office if you know who is doing it. A picture will help.

Blocking Traffic in Streets:

Many sidewalks in town are being removed rather than replaced. If you are walking on streets…remember…

part of the ordinance requires pedestrians walking on streets must yield to vehicles.

Storm water-driveways etc.

Any new driveway, patio, parking area etc. is subject to the state mandated storm water ordinance.

Check with the Borough Office prior to any new construction, including concrete work or blacktopping.

We can help you through the process painlessly.

Grass & Weeds

Grass and weeds must be mowed and trimmed to no longer than 6 inches. Fines will be issued per day.

Chipped and Peeling paint

Chipped and peeling paint must be removed and repainted or covered, on the exterior of all buildings.

Quiet Hours

Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am is considered “quiet time” and no unusual or unnecessary noises are permitted. This includes loud talking or playing music while sitting around fire rings. Also, on Sunday mornings until noon the noise is also restricted. Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Facebook updates

The Borough has a Facebook page to provide updates, particularly concerning construction. We have 1300 “friends” that are following. Friends may not post advertisements or personal items on the site – it is to provide information and updates.

Dirty and Cloudy Water

Occasionally we have dirty and cloudy water in the system. This usually occurs when we flush fire hydrants twice a year.

Dirty water is the result of sediment being loosened from pipes. This may be from the system, or from an individual customer’s private water line. Just run your water until it clears up. Cloudy water is the result of air in the lines. This can be a result of air naturally leaving the ground through the water, or a pump pumping air into the system. Letting the water sit for a few seconds usually clears up the cloudiness. Neither issue is a health problem.                                                                                                                          


                We will continue to provide brief summaries of the sections of the new codified ordinances each month           until we have covered them all.

Chapter 14: Sewage:

                Authorizes a Joint Sewer Authority with Hayfield and Woodcock Townships -requires mandatory hook-up       to the sewer system.

Chapter 15: Storm water and Flooding:

                Authorizes the Mandatory Storm water and Flood ordinances, including the required FIRM map –

                Any type of construction over 1000 square feet requires a storm water permit.  

                Regulates discharge of pumped water to streets or other properties.



Roundabout – it is simple:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Follow the signs
  3. Yield to traffic in the circle
  4. Go counterclockwise
  5. Use turn signal when exiting



Quote of the Month:

“Believing in negative thoughts is the single greatest obstruction to success.”

                                                                                                            -Charles F. Glassman