March 2013

Get along with your Neighbors!!!! Minor Complaints

The Borough office has been getting more and more minor complaints about neighbors that take up Borough employee time. Please be a good citizen and talk it out with your neighbors if you have minor problems in the neighborhood. We will get involved if necessary... but please try to work out little issues if possible!

Property Maintenance

Spring is around the corner. Now is the time to start planning on those needed repairs and clean-up. NO junk or tires laying around, and no chipped paint or broken windows on buildings. Let's all do our part to keep town looking good.

Time Change

It's time to "Spring Ahead". Turn your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday morning March 10th.

Smoke Detector Batteries

Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clocks, twice each year.

9-1-1 Address

The correct 911 address must be posted at all locations, visible from the streets or roads. This is mandated by County and Borough ordinances. Help emergency responders find you if you have an emergency.

Pick-Up Litter (use old plastic grocery bags)

As the snow is melting off, winter litter seems to pop up everywhere. If residents help pick up this litter, we can keep town looking good year round. Use old plastic grocery bags to put the litter in and place the bag out with your garbage.


All Door-to-door sales require a permit from the Borough Office. Make sure salesman have a permit to verify they are legitimate and not a fly-by-night rip off artist.

Earned Income Tax

Many residents have questioned why the Borough is so interested in who lives where, particularly everyone over 18 years old. Everyone who works has the earned income tax deducted from their pay check. This tax goes to the municipality that you live in. We want to get the tax money that is due to us. This helps the Borough keep our property taxes so low. (We have some of the lowest property taxes around!!)

Information Brochure

The Borough has an information brochure available at the Borough Office on Erie Street. Pick-up a free copy if you don't currently have one.

Water Testing

Federal EPA and the State DEP have MANDATED new unfunded water testing requirements and have increased the level of chlorine we need to put in drinking water. Our water is tested extensively and has been safe for years. In the last three years these additional tests and increased chlorine levels has cost the Borough almost $30,000 more per year.

Disaster Tip of the Month

Pets in Emergencies. Don't forget about your pets if you are required to evacuate in an emergency. Have a "Go Bag" that is (or can be) quickly assembled that includes: Pet food, needed medicine and a leash or cage. If you are directed to an evacuation site, bring these items, and your pets will be taken care of. Be Prepared!