June 2013

Annual CCR Report

                                   (Water – Consumer Confidence Report)

The annual Water Quality report is now available online at:  www.saegertownpa.com/CCR

Customers may pick up a hard copy of this report, free of charge, at the Borough Building at 603 Erie Street.

Landlords are requested to notify all tenants of the availability of this report, and how to get it.

Twitter – Follow us

Get current information on happenings in the Borough. Follow us on Twitter @saegertownPA. Information: Water leaks, hydrant flushing, celebrations and services, garbage schedule changes, meetings and more!

Electronics Recycle Day – August 3rd

                Mark the Date…. Saturday August 3rd from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm there will be an electronics recycle day at the Borough Building on Erie Street. This is FREE to all Borough residents or businesses. (Proof of residency such as a current utility bill will be required) Old TV’s – Computers – copiers – microwaves etc. or old electronics will be accepted.  The project was funded again this year by the Jordan Family Foundation. Thanks to them for the continued support. Call the Borough office with any questions concerning this venture.

Sewer Payments

PNC Bank can no longer take sewer payments. Mail your sewer payments to:

Saegertown Area Sewer Authority, PO Box 334, Saegertown, PA 16433 

Ball Tourney at Jordan Park

                Always use CAUTION when driving by Jordan Park on Erie St. On June 7-8-9 there will be an exceptionally large tournament at the Park all weekend. Use extra caution when driving by: watch for players, spectators and flying baseballs!


                We have received numerous complaints about cats running freely and/or digging in flower beds. We are considering trapping them, and the owners will be fined or the cats will be turned over to animal control. Pet owners please be responsible and control your cats!

Bicycle Helmet Law

                        It is State Law.  All children under 12 years old MUST wear an approved bicycle helmet.

                                                                       Parents can be fined!

                                                                LET’S KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE!


                        Reminder…that Garbage may only be placed out at the curb within 24 hrs. of pickup. If it is a windy day, make sure all items are in a secure container, so they will not blow all over the area. Take empty containers away from the curb after pickup. Make sure cans are not full of water…refuse people cannot dump containers that are too heavy!                                        Help eliminate LITTER from Town!

WIC Banners– New

                The Women’s Improvement Club has purchased new banners for Main Street this summer. They help spruce up Town and are changed with the seasons. Thank you from the Borough!

Playground – New Swing

                The WIC has also purchased a new swing for children ages 2-5 at the playground in Jordan Park. The new swing will be installed shortly. Help us make sure older kids and teens do not abuse the new attraction! Thanks again to the WIC!!!

CCI – Cambridge

            The women from the State Correctional Institution at Cambridge do community service twice each year at the Town Square. They do a great job keeping the square looking nice. We would like to Thank them publically for this service to the Borough.

What to do with Grass Clippings

                        The Borough can NOT pick up grass clippings.Several people have asked what to do with grass clippings. The best suggestions are to: mulch the grass with your lawnmower, or compost it. Look on the internet for instructions, or call the County Conservation District Office for help with composting. (763-5269)

Construction Update

                        The new construction at the Borough Building is progressing.

 The project will achieve the following:

·         Provide inside storage for all Borough equipment (less damage by weather)

·         The Building will be better insulated(save on utility bills)

·         The original (1977) shingles on the roof will be replaced (Lasted longer than expected)

·         The Building will look much better!

Community Yard Sales

                The Annual Community Yard Sales Day is Saturday July 20th (always the third Saturday in July) No permits are required. No one may set up on Borough Property without prior permission (Street Rights of Way - Town Square – Jordan Park etc.) Also do NOT block fire hydrants…even for a few minutes.

Borough Items for Sale

                During Yard Sales Day (from 8:00 am to 11:00 am) the Borough will be selling several surplus items. All items will go to the highest bidder at 11:00 am. (Some items have a reserve bid.) A list of items will be available at the Borough Office on Erie Street after June 11th.

Disaster Tip of the Month

                        Remember the difference between a weather WATCH and a WARNING.

A watch is when conditions are favorable (ex. A thunderstorm WATCH means conditions are right for one to occur)

A WARNING is when it will happen! (ex. A Tornado WARNING means one is happening or is imminent in the area). 

If the weather service issues a WATCH…be prepared and pay attention to weather reports.

If the weather service issues a WARNING

TAKE COVER IN A SAFE PLACE and monitor local weather reports until an all clear is issued.

                            Do NOT take Watches and Warnings lightly, follow instructions!

                                                                      Be Prepared!