April 2013

State Wrestling Champion

Congratulations Saegertown High School Sophomore Devin Brown on winning the 106 pound Pennsylvania State Wrestling Championship. Also congrats to coach Jim Mulligan and the team for placing 3rd and to wrestlers Dylan Reynolds – 4th place, Tyler Vath – 8th place, and Nick Monico – 8thplace. It was a great year. Thanks for putting Saegertown “on the map”!

See an issue – Let us know.

If you see any problem in the Borough that needs addressed please call the office and let us know.

Safetown Program

Crawford County Office of Emergency Service and the 911 center have launched a new community based service to provide better emergency response in an emergency. Check out the following web sites for information on the program, and see if you are interested. www.safetown.org or http://crawfordpa.safetown.org      

Watch for water leaks!

If your water bill is higher than usual, check out the problem. Small water leaks or toilets running can cause large water losses. A quick test to look for leaks is as follows: turn everything off that uses water. Make sure no one else runs any water (like flushing the toilet, taking a shower or doing laundry.) Then, look at your water meter (usually in basement) and see if it is moving and registering any use. If it is, something is leaking!

Medical Waste Disposal

Recently one of the garbage collectors was stuck by a used hypodermic needle. This is illegal. Make sure to properly dispose of any old, used medical items. The refuse company recommends that these items be put in a can and taped shut and marked what is in the can. Be Safe and Considerate!

Storm Water Rules

Any construction, paving, concrete work etc. now requires a (State mandated) storm water plan. Contact the Borough Office, and we will assist you with the plan and any requirements. (We do NOT charge a fee for this!)

Snow Parking Regulations Over until Autumn

Special snow parking regulations ended April 1st and will not resume again until November 1st

Thanks to those who complied without getting warnings or fines!

Blocking Driveways (Parkview)

Be courteous! Do not block the neighbor’s driveway – especially on Saeger Heights. Do not park across from, or within 10 feet of a driveway. (Fines can be issued to violators)

Jordan Park

Borough residents may reserve the picnic shelters at Jordan Park for no charge. A refundable deposit is required, and returned if there is no damage and the area is cleaned up properly.

Disaster Tip of the Month

Get severe weather or disaster information by purchasing a Fire Monitor or a NOAA weather radio. Both provide immediate information during ALL types of emergencies.

Be Prepared!