July 2013

4th of July – Fireworks

                Borough Ordinance prohibits fireworks other than those that can be legally purchased in Penna. Use caution and       Be safe with any fireworks you use to celebrate the Holiday!

Electronics Recycle Day – August 3rd

                Don’t forget this FREE special project for Borough Residents. Recycle old electronics such as TV’s, Computers, radios, copiers etc. The event is Saturday August 3rd from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Proof of Borough residency (a current utility bill) is required. This project is funded again this year by the Jordan Family foundation.

Community Yard Sales

                The 3rd Saturday in July each year is the Community Yard Sales. No Permit is needed. Park so traffic (and Emergency Vehicles) can drive through. Also…Do NOT block Fire Hydrants!

Library at Yard Sales Day

                The Saegertown Area Library will be selling Hot Dogs, books and “Garage Sale Items” at the Library on Broad St. during Community Yard Sales Day. These functions help benefit Library Projects.


Spaces for Rent during Yard Sales Day

-St. Bernadette’s has tables for rent during yard sales day. Call 763-6062 for information, or to reserve a table.

-The French Creek Christian School has spaces for rent. Call 763-6824 for information or to reserve a 10’ by 10’ space.

Ken Custard – Thanks

                The Borough would like to Thank Ken Custard for watering the plants at the town square this year.                                                                                                                                           The flowers and hanging baskets at the Gazebo look great!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Also Thanks to the Jordan Family Foundation for purchasing the flowers!

Borough Items for Sale

                List of surplus items the Borough has for sale during yard sales day will be available at the Borough Office on July 9th. Highest price offered at 1:00 pm on July 20th will be able to purchase the items. Check out the list!

Low Water Pressure??

                If you have low water pressure, please check the following before you call the Borough. Check for calcium build up in the screens of all spigots or the holes in your shower head. Also if you have a water softener, check to see if the filter needs replaced or check to see if it is plugged up with calcium.


                Help keep Saegertown Beautiful!! If you are walking around town, carry an old plastic grocery bag and pick up litter. If you witness someone littering, report it to the Borough Office. Littering warnings or fines may be issued.

Water Pay Box

                Sorry for the inconvenience during construction at the Borough Building, but the Water Pay box has been re-installed.

The box is in a slightly different location on the front of the building, but still provides easy access for water payments.

Corn Hole Tournament

                The French Creek Valley Christian School is sponsoring a corn-hole tournament fundraiser on August 17th  at the school. For more information, call the school at 763-6824.



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How do We Test Water?

                Water testing requirements are established by the Penna. Dept. of Environmental Protection. We test the chlorine level in every well entry point every day at all six (6) locations, and at the Borough Building. That means we test (and report) the chlorine levels in the system 2,555 times per year. We pay a certified testing lab to test all of the other required tests such as: bacteria each month, nitrates and nitrides each year, lead and copper, TTHM’s and HAA5’s, Rads, along with many other tests.

                While we believe the required chlorine levels are too high, you can see that the testing of our water is very stringent, and passes with flying colors each year. A copy of the annual water report is available at:  www.SaegertownPa.com/CCR.


Construction Update

                The construction progress is coming along nicely. Hopefully the project will be complete in August. Stop by for a tour of the project, or check it out at a future open house.





                Want to help our community? ........ Volunteer!

                -The Fire Dept. is always looking for new firemen, EMT’s and Fire Police

                -The Friends of the Saegertown Library can use volunteers for many duties and help fund raising

                -The Heritage Society- Join and volunteer to help keep our “History Alive”

                -Mowing & gardening – we have several locations where help would be greatly appreciated

Contact the Borough Office if you are interested in helping, or contact the above organizations personally.



Disaster Tip of the Month - July

                Our area is susceptible to many types of emergencies. Help may be hours away during a tornado, severe flooding, a winter storm or a lengthy power outage. Have supplies available so you can survive for 72 hours in one of these emergencies. (In case help is delayed in responding.)

                Go to: ReadyPa.org on the internet for more information on how to prepare an emergency kit. Much more information is also available on this web site.



Be Prepared