May 2013

Annual CCR Report

                                   (Water – Consumer Confidence Report)

The annual Water Quality report is now available online at:

Customers may pick up a hard copy of this report, free of charge, at the Borough Building at 603 Erie Street.

Landlords are requested to notify all tenants of the availability of this report, and how to get it.


Memorial Day

The Saegertown American Legion will conduct the Annual Memorial Day Service, on Monday May 27th at 9:00 am at the Town Square on the corner of Main and Broad Streets. Help honor those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

Cash Bash Tickets

Tickets for the Fire Department’s Annual Cash Bash fund raiser are on sale now. They are available at several local merchants. Look for signs. Or stop at the Fire Station on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning to purchase a ticket.

Update your Free Post Office Box Yearly

Residents that can NOT have mail delivered by rural carrier, receive a Post Office Box for FREE. Check with the post office for this service. Also remember to renew this service YEARLY or your box will be closed.

Parking on the Berms

Borough maintenance has worked hard to make all the berms on borough streets mud-free and available for parking. However…many area residents continue to park further from streets and into yards. We will no longer repair the yards, and property owners will be required to do so. Work with us! Park on areas that have been repaired!

Working on Cars on Borough Streets

It is illegal to work on vehicles on borough streets or berms. Violators will be prosecuted. Any vehicle that has not been moved for more than 48 hours may be fined, and is subject to towing.

Library Walk-a-Thon

The annual Saegertown Library Walk-a-Thon fund raiser will be Saturday May 11th. Contact the library for more details on how to support this important project. (On May 11th use caution when driving around town. Watch for participants!)

Soliciting – Electric Companies

Recently we have had complaints that salesmen have been going door to door selling electric suppliers and asking to see your electric bills. A permit is required for door-to-door sales. For your protection, Make sure they have a Borough Permit.

Lost Items – Check with Us

Occasionally, Lost and Found items are dropped off at the Borough office. If you lose something, check with us.

Brush Pick-up

The Borough will pick up brush again this year. It must be no longer than 5 ft. and in bundles that are easy to pick up.

Call the office if you have some brush, particularly if it is on an alley. Be patient we will pick-up when we have time.

Clear Bags for Leaves

Leaves and trimmings MUST be in clear bags for the Borough to pick them up. No grass clippings! Bags are available at the Borough office for residents.

Outdoor Burning

Reminder that any outdoor burning requires a permit. Free permits are available at the Borough office.

Disaster Tip of the Month

A reader suggested we did not explain “In house evacuation” well enough. During a Chemical Spill, if told to go indoors and close your doors and windows: seal off cracks around doors, close chimney flues and turn off air conditioning or other vents. These incidents are rare and usually do not last for long periods of time. Follow other instructions provided over the news media.

Be Prepared!