September Newsletter

Back to School

Caution! School is back in session. Watch for Children waiting for school busses or walking to bus stops.


We have had multiple reports of Bears in town this year. The bears are becoming fairly common in our area, and they are here to stay. Here are some tips in dealing with these bruins!:

                Bird Feeders! Restrict feeding birds to winter, when bears are in dens, or take feeders in at night, or suspend the feeders from wires, high enough that a bear cannot reach it. Hummingbird nectar, sunflower seeds, corn and suet are particularly attractive to Bears.

                Garbage! Don’t place garbage out at the curb until pick-up morning. Don’t throw food scraps out to feed other animals. Don’t leave pet food outdoors at night. Clean barbeque grills regularly.

                Dumpsters! If you dispose of food in dumpsters, keep the dumpster locked.

                Keep your distance! If a bear shows up, keep your distance. Shout to chase the bear away. Be cautious around a sow bear with cubs, and do not get between the mother and young ones! If the bear will not go away, call the Game Commission Regional Office (814-432-3187), or call the Borough office (763-4600).

                Check First! If your dog is barking unusually at night, check it out, with caution. Make sure you turn on lights before going out in the dark. Noise will usually scare the bear away.

                Enjoy! A black bear sighting is rare and exciting. Enjoy the experience, but do it safely.

                More information: Go to the Penna. Game Commission web site:

                Click on “Wildlife” then “Wild Mammals” then “Black Bears”       

Quiet Time (11pm to 7am)

                Let’s respect our neighbors. Outdoor parties, campfires (with a free permit) loud music, racing vehicle engines or yelling are NOT permitted under the disorderly ordinance. Noise should be restricted to your own property. Fines are authorized under the ordinance.

Joe McDonough – Jordan Park

                Thanks to Joe McDonough for providing the flowers at Jordan Park this summer and keeping them weeded and watered and always making sure there is a nice American Flag at the complex.

Burning Leaves – NOT!

                This is a reminder that leaves Can NOT be Burned at any time in the Borough. You can mulch leaves, compost them, or place them in the bags provided by the Borough for pick-up. Only CLEAR bags will be picked up for leaf disposal.

Water Meter Remotes

                Most water meters have remotes attached to the outside of your residence or building. The Borough reads these meters every month. Many are obstructed from view or access, making the meter reading very difficult, particularly in the winter. Trim around your remote, so we can read the meter. If not, the Borough will be forced to trim the shrubs or bushes to make access possible.

Pick-Up Truck for Sale

                Saegertown Fire Dept. recently had a pick-up truck donated to them, and it is now for sale to the highest bidder.

It is a 2005 Ford F-150 Extended cab 4X4. Really clean vehicle with only 28,000 miles, new tires, painted frame, and inspected. (Original owner has some health issues) Bids will be accepted until Sept. 18th at noon. Information is available at the Fire Station on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning, or at the Borough Building. (Fire Dept. Po Box 164, Saegertown)






How Property Taxes Compare?

                Ever wonder how Saegertown’s property tax rate compares to others???

                Here are the 2013 Property Tax rates….

                Penncrest School Dist.            48.59       ml

                Crawford County                     18.85       ml

         Meadville                                    20.42       ml           

         Cambridge                              15.50       ml

                Cochranton                              13.50       ml

                Conneaut Lake                        15.00       ml

                Linesville                                 12.20       ml

                Saegertown                            4.00        ml                                           

How do Water Rates compare?

                Meadville Water Authority did a water rate comparison study in 2010, and the following is how Saegertown rates compared to neighboring communities:

Municipality:                                    4,000 gallons                     40,000 gallons

Conneaut Lake Borough                $23.40     (+127%)                  $85.20     (+60%)

Cambridge Springs                         $24.08     (+134%)                  $195.80   (+267%)

Vernon Twp.                                      $38.70     (+276%)                  $375.30   (+603%)

Saegertown has not raised water rates since 2006, while some of the above municipalities have had increases since this survey was done.

Construction Update

The project is now complete…stop by the Borough Building at 603 Erie Street to see the finished Project. The only thing remaining is some seeding and landscaping around the building.(Hopefully the blacktop will be done when you read this.)

Recycle Electronic Equipment – Temporary Project Continuation!

The Borough will continue to take old electronics from Borough Residents for a limited time. Old items must be delivered to the Borough Building during regular office hours. Do NOT leave any items outside the building. Call ahead to make sure you have items that are acceptable. This is a continuation of the recent project funded by the Jordan Family Foundation. We recently collected 5,825 pounds of old electronics on the collection day!

Young Lungs at Play (Jordan Park)

                The Borough participated in the “Young Lungs at Play” program at Jordan Park this year. Signs were posted to remind people not to Smoke at the facility around young children. We received a certificate of recognition from the Penna. Dept. of Health for our participation.

Disaster Tip of the Month

Active Shooter (Run – Hide – Fight!)

Hopefully we never have to face an active shooter situation like Columbine, Virginia Tech, the Denver Movie Theatre or Newtown Connecticut!!!

Just in case, there is a great training video available that is only 6 minutes long that everyone should watch.


Go to and watch the “Run, Hide, Fight” video.


Make sure your friends and family watches it too. Remember… it is only 6 minutes long, and could save your life.


Be Prepared!!