August 2017

Sidewalks – Only One Month to Go!

All sidewalks must be fixed to specifications or removed by September 1, 2017.

If you are keeping sidewalks, Please contact the Borough office and we will look at your sidewalks to determine if they meet the specifications. Remember: if you are on a corner the corners must meet ADA regulations.

The fine for NOT complying with the ordinance is $50.00 per month, beginning September 1st.

New Christmas Decorations: Snowflakes: Want to Donate?

                The Borough Enhancement Team is working on a project to replace the old Christmas wreaths with new LED lighted snowflakes on Main Street. The fund-raising is going well, and they hope to have the new decorations in place for this Holiday season. Anyone who would like to donate to the project, can send donations to Saegertown Borough, and mark them “decoration project”. A list of donors will be published in a future newsletter.

Landlords and Newsletters:

                Landlords should give a copy of the newsletter to tenants, or advise them they can pick up a copy at the Borough Office, or notify them that the letters are posted on the Borough website. Most of the problems we are seeing are due to the fact that tenants are not aware of many of the regulations. Some communities make it mandatory that landlords provide the newsletters to their tenants. We prefer the voluntary delivery of them, but may reconsider making it mandatory in the future.


Electronics in Garbage – The Batteries Cause Fires:

                It is illegal to put electronics in the garbage. The Jordan Family Foundation sponsors an “Electronic Re-cycle Project” to help residents legally dispose of such items.

                Someone recently put an old “Monster” electronic tablet in the garbage, and it caught fire in the garbage truck. Fortunately the drivers noticed the fire and put it out before it could set the entire truck on fire. Violators of this policy can be fined and will be responsible for any damage the electronics may cause!

Labor Day Garbage Pick-up:

            Garbage pick-up for the Labor Day weekend will be Tuesday September 5th this year.

Review Garbage Regulations:

                -Pick-up is Monday morning after 8:00 am. Garbage must be out by 8:00 am.

                -The garbage may only be placed out at the curb for no longer than 24 hours before pick-up.

                - Garbage cans may only be left at the curb for no longer than 24 hours after pick-up.

                -The following may NOT be placed out with garbage:

                                -Construction material

                                -Oil, paint or any hazardous material

                                -Tires or car parts

                                -Any electronics such as Computers, TV’s, Printers, and Copiers etc.

                                -Garbage - from others - brought into the Borough.

Animals in Garbage: You clean it up!



If you put your trash out in the evening and animals get into it…YOU are responsible for picking up the trash…even if it blows into the neighbor’s yard. Littering fines may be assessed to violators.




Crawford County Fair:

The annual Crawford County Fair will be held from August 19-26 this year

at the Fairgrounds in West Mead Township. Concerts, rides, and truck

and tractor pulls are just some of the programs on the agenda.

Stop and see the livestock animals and remember the great food available.

Dead Trees:

Dead trees must be removed. The Borough is responsible for the trees they planted on the west side of the railroad tracks. All other trees were planted privately, and are the responsibility of the property owners. All trees along alleys on the west side were privately planted, and are also the responsibility of the property owners.


A reminder to parents: there is an 11:00 pm until 6:00 am curfew in place for all juveniles under the age of 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. (Not just anyone over age 18). Parents will be fined for any violations.

Bridge Opening Update: On Schedule!!

So far the north bridge is on schedule to be opened by the first of September. Watch the Borough’s Facebook page for weekly updates on the project. The south end is complete with only minor clean-up items left on that project.  So far the traffic has been moving great on the south end, and there have only been minor problems.

School Starting:

School will be back in session prior to the next newsletter. Watch for children walking to bus stops.

Please Drive with Caution!


                We will continue to provide brief summaries of the sections of the new codified ordinances each month           until we have covered them all.

Chapter 16: Streets:

                Authorizes all streets and alleys, including documenting the width of the right-of-way of each street -                  Regulates: use of streets, excavation, stop signs, and winter parking rules, in addition to general rules.

Chapter 17: Taxation:

                Authorizes and sets the following taxes: Property, Real Estate Transfer, Per Capita, Local Service, and Earned Income;

                Provides for a tax incentive program for business expansion with new construction (LERTA).


Quote of the Month:

“It’s what you learn after you know-it-all that counts.”

                                                                                                 -John Wooden