October newsletter


                Trick-or-Treat night will be Thursday October 24th from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm.

                Thank you to Saegertown Vol. Fire Dept. for providing traffic control and intersection safety.

                Turn on porch lights if you want to participate.

                Must be 13 years old or under to participate!


Lock Cars and Suspicious Activity

                Recently there have been some cars broken into. Keep you cars locked and report any suspicious activity to the Penna. State Police at 332-6911 (or 911). Also please notify the Borough office of any problems.


Lost and Found

                People occasionally turn in lost and found items to the Borough Office. Whether you lost something at Jordan Park, or around town, call and check at the office. Must provide a detailed description of the items to claim.


Clippings in clear bags

                Remember we can NOT take grass clipping. However, small trimmings from shrubs and trees should be placed in the clear leaf bags for disposal.


Leaf Bags

                Leaf bags are available at the Borough Office.

                -Leaves must be in CLEAR bags.

                -Make sure the leaves in the bags are not too heavy for pick-up.

                -Try to avoid wet leaves in the bags.

                -Place them by the curb for pick-up.

                -Under no circumstances may leaves be burned.

                -Do NOT rake leaves to the berm (this blocks storm water!)

                -If you don’t want to bag leaves…Mulch them.


Over 80 Exonerations

                Residents over 80 years old may be exonerated from paying PER CAPITA taxes to the Borough. Contact the Tax Collector (Marilyn Stallard) to be placed on the list for Borough Council to exonerate.


Harvest Hoedown

                French Creek Christian School is sponsoring a carnival on October 19th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Contact the school for more information. North Street will be closed during the carnival, so plan your driving accordingly.


Cleaning French Creek

                Congratulations and Thank You to the French Creek Conservancy and all the participants in the recent annual clean-up of French Creek. Contact the conservancy if you want to participate next year!!






Jordan Park – Restrooms

                While the pavilions at Jordan Park will still be available, the water will be shut-off and the restrooms closed on October 15th. Please plan accordingly!


Rabid Cats

                The Health Department has issued a warning on rabies after at cat was found affected by rabies in Erie County recently. Please make sure cats have their shots and do not let them run loose in the Borough. (Also an ordinance violation)


Community Service

                Recently team members dressed in gold shirts performed “community service” chores at various homes in Saegertown. Members of the Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church were participating in the “God’s work. Our hands” initiative. The teams visited 6 local residents, assisted in chores and fellowship, and provided a plate of homemade goodies. We would like to say Thanks to these church members for helping to spruce up town!!


Winter Parking

                Reminder that winter parking regulations take effect on November 1st.

                                                OBEY THE PARKING SIGNS


                No Parking Anytime:                          All Streets on Saeger Heights

                                                                                (Must be 30 feet from center of the street)

                No Parking Midnight to 7:00 am:    Main Street and Erie Street

                No Parking Odd Calendar Days:       South and East sides of all other streets no parking

                                                                                9:00 am to 4:00 pm

                No Parking Even Days:                       North and West sides of all other streets no parking

                                                                                9:00 am to 4:00 pm


                Parking Hint:

                If your house number is even (like 342) then no parking on even days (2nd -4th -6th - etc.)

                If your house number is odd (like 445) then no parking on odd days (1st -3rd -5th - etc.)



Natural Gas Leaks (or Propane)

                If you have a natural gas or propane leak call 911 immediately.

                Evacuate the area.

                Be careful not to provide a source of ignition…such as:

                                Turning on a light switch, lighting a match or turning up the thermostat.

                Remember that natural gas is lighter than air and the fumes will go to the upstairs or attic.

                Propane is heavier than air and the fumes will head down into basements!

                Treat any gas leak as a true emergency…..move away from the leak and call 911!


Be Prepared!