November 2013

Garbage Rates – Great News!!

                The garbage rates in Saegertown Borough will remain the same ($12 per month) for the next 3 years!!

                There are a few minor changes on items that can be picked up (or that can be picked up with an addedfee). This will be explained in next month’s newsletter!            

Tax Rates – Even Better News!!

                Once again Borough Council will hold the property tax rate to ONLY 4 mil. This is one of the lowest rates in the entire region. (Council lowered the property tax rate from 7 to 4 mil in 2007 on temporary basis, and will continue at this low rate at least one (1) more year!)

Post Office Complaints

                We receive many complaints about how the post office delivers mail. If you have a complaint, please call 1-800-275-8777 to issue the complaint. Keep the Borough office advised of the complaint, and any feedback from the postal service.              


                Snowmobiles are NOT permitted on Borough Streets, sidewalks or private driveways. Permission is needed to sled on private property.

Treads dig into streets and concrete causing damage to them.

Respect property owners and get permission or stay off Borough and private property.

Winter Parking

                Reminder that winter parking regulations take effect on November 1st. Obey the Parking Signs.

                Review last month’s newsletter for specific regulations by street.

Medicare and ObamaCare

Senator Bob Robbins sent out the following warning:

                -The Medicare open enrollment period (Oct. 15-Dec. 7) overlaps with the ACA (ObamaCare) open enrollment period this year. Watch out for scammers!! Do not be fooled by scare tactics or high-pressure sales pitches.

                -Medicare never calls individuals to ask for personal information.

                -Legitimate insurance agents and brokers do not make cold calls or go door-to-door to sell plans.

                -It is ILLEGAL for someone to sell an ACA (ObamaCare) Marketplace plan to a Medicare beneficiary.

                -There are no new Medicare cards or “changes to Medicare” due to ObamaCare.

For more information:

Clocks Back  


                Turn clocks BACK on Sunday Nov. 3rd at 2:00 am.

Smoke Detectors – Change Batteries

                Don’t forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors when you change the clocks back this year!

Main Street – Paving

                We receive numerous complaints about the condition of Main Street in the Borough. This is a State Road and PennDOT is responsible for maintaining it!! As most of us know, the bridge across French Creek on the North end will be replaced starting next year (2014) and continuing into 2015. The intersection on the South end of town, near the Plaza is also scheduled for improvements in 2015.

                While Main Street is rough and bumpy, we suggest you be patient, until the construction is complete.

Fire Department Fund Drive

                Saegertown Fire Department is currently conducting its Annual Fund Drive. Please be generous with your donations. The Fire Department is one of the quickest, best trained and best equipped departments around. They are always there for any emergency… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

                Remember…a $50 donation is less than $1 per week!!

Happy Thanksgiving

                Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.              

Disaster Preparedness –

Portable Heaters

                Unvented Propane and Kerosene heaters, wood-burners, and electric heaters without a safety tip-over switch are PROHIBITED in all rental units.


            If you own your home and decide to use one of the above heaters….use caution!!

                -Only use UL listed and approved heaters.

                -Make sure you have a UL listed Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector in your house.

                -Keep the heaters away from combustible material.

                -Fill heaters outdoors, while they are turned OFF.

                -Test the shut-off switches in all the heaters. (Make sure they shut off when tipped over)

                -Do NOT leave them running when you are not home.

-NEVER use gasoline in a portable heater.

Be Safe

Be Prepared!