September 2017

Sidewalks – Time is Up!

Whether you were for or against the sidewalk project, you have to admit how much better town looks now that it is nearly complete. If you kept or replaced sidewalks…remember they must be kept clear from snow, and they will be inspected yearly to make sure they are still to specs. Main and Grant Street locations that have the new sidewalks, must also keep them clear from snow and ice.

Saegertown Business Promotion Days: Sept. 16-17:

The Borough is helping to promote local businesses on Saturday and Sunday September 16 and 17. We are inviting area residents to come and see that the construction is pretty much over… see how beautiful our town is… and come to support the local businesses that suffered through the construction inconvenience! See the ad in the Meadville Tribune, as several businesses are offering special deals.

Electronics Re-cycling – Ends September 15th:

September 15th will be the last day the Borough accepts electronics for re-cycling. Please remember that these items can NOT be placed out with normal garbage. This program is for Borough residents and businesses only. It is a violation to bring in items from other sources, and violators will be charged with theft of services.

New Christmas Lights: Snowflakes: Thanks for the Donations!

            We are still accepting donations toward the new Snowflake decorations. The new ones will be 5 feet diameter snowflakes, with LED lights on them. A decoration will be on almost every pole along Main Street. We would like to thank those who have already donated toward the project. A list of donors will be posted in next month’s newsletter.

Leaf Pickup:

This autumn (starting October 1st) to provide a better service to Saegertown residents, we are going to attempt to pick up all leaves with the leaf vacuum. While we cannot guarantee the pickup date, we will get to them as soon as possible and when the weather permits. Here are some of the guidelines.

                -First, we recommend that you mulch your leaves…less for us to pick up!

                - The leaves must be next to the berm of the streets – NOT on the streets or berms.

                -There can be no grass, rocks or sticks in the piles of leaves.

                -If leaf piles become wet, the resident must dry them out before pickup.

                                -this can be done by turning them over with a leaf rake a couple times.

                -Leaf bags will only be available to residents with large backyards that are too far to rake leaves to the                                            road, or for special exceptions.

                -We will be picking up all the main streets including the streets on Saeger-heights this year.

                -Do NOT rake leaves into the ditches anywhere on Erie Street. (East of the railroad tracks)

                -Notify the Borough if leaves are raked out to alleys (remember…NOT ON the alley – beside them)

                -Be patient! This is a new experimental project for us.

Main St. Landscaping:

There have been some complaints about the landscaping. We suggest residents on Main Street wait until the grass is growing, and then rake out any large stones, and remove roots. If you pile these items on the sidewalk and call the Borough Office, we will come and pick them up, as time permits.

Signs on Main Street:

The new decorative street name signs along Main Street were a project funded by the Jordan Family Foundation.

They meet the new Federal standards for signs, and identify all streets and alleys along Main Street. And they look terrific. Thanks again to the Jordan Family.


Left Over Concrete:

If you are having concrete work done, remind the driver of the cement truck not to clean his truck out along the berms in town, or in a catch basin. That is a violation of Borough Ordinance.

Certified Letter Fee:

If the Borough has to send you a certified letter, whether it is a warning of violation, a violation notice, or a late water bill, you will be charged a $15.00 fee for each letter.

Lutheran Church Community Project:

On September 23rd, members of the Twelve Apostles Lutheran Church will be working in homes and yards of your neighbors in need. The volunteers will be wearing the familiar bright orange logo shirts. This is the 5th year the church has been celebrating this day of service: “God’s Work. Our Hands.” Please call the church if you would like to volunteer to help, or if you need help with a project. 814-763-5384.

New Equipment:

The Borough recently purchased a new dump truck, snow plows, salt spreader and backhoe. The 2004 dump truck and 1994 backhoe were updated with newer models. You should see them driving and working around town!

Used Equipment Sale:

The Borough has the following used equipment for sale by sealed bid. Bids must be received by 1:00 pm on Friday September 8th, in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Equipment bids”.

              - 2004 Ford F550 Super Duty Dump Truck with a stainless steel bed

                - Fisher Pro-caster stainless steel, hydraulic hopper/spreader

                - (2) Western 9 ft. Pro-plus steel snow plows. (1) Hydraulic controls (1) Electric controls

                - 2013 Kubota GR2120 garden tractor with a 54 inch deck mower.

                - BOMAG BT 58 gasoline tamper

                - Bolens 624 walk-behind gas snow blower

Additional information is available by contacting the Borough Office at 814-763-4600. Saegertown Borough reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or parts thereof and to waive all informalities or technicalities.

School Starting:

Remember that school has started for the year. Once again… Please drive carefully!



                We will continue to provide brief summaries of the sections of the new codified ordinances each month           until we have covered them all.

Chapter 18: Zoning:

                Designates areas for specific use (What is legal in each zoning district) - Sets types of construction and rules including set-backs - Regulates subdivisions.

Chapter 19: Property:

                Sets town boundaries - Authorizes purchase and use of specific Borough Properties.


Quote of the Month:

“Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do.”

                                                                                                            -Ben Franklin