The Borough owns and maintains the following properties:

  • Borough Building and property at 603 Erie Street
  • Jordan Park on Erie Street
  • Several Well locations
  • Reservoir on Saeger-Heights
  • Town Square (4 corners at Main and Broad Streets)
  • Island South of Town in French Creek
  • Lot behind MVS on the East side of the railroad tracks
  • Lot across French Creek near Bertram Park


Trees are protected by Ordinance. Check with the Borough Office prior to cutting or planting - Do not trim trees without permission. Following is the list of approved trees to plant (Approved by Resolution 2009-5) - trees marked with an * require approval of the Homeowner prior to planting:

  • Elm, Chinese (Lacebark Elm)
  • Linden, Small Leaf
  • Maple, Colomner
  • Maple, Hard
  • Maple, Stanlen
  • Maple, Red
  • Oak, Red
  • Plane, Oriental *
  • Ivory Silk
  • Japanese Lilac Tree
  • Autumn Brilliance Service Berry *
  • Zelkova
  • Katsura Tree
  • Golden Rain Tree
  • Sweetgum Tree
  • Schubert Cherry *
  • Flowering Crab Apple *
  • Sunburst Locust
  • Flowering Dogwood
  • Cleveland Select Pear (added 4/9/2012)
  • Rhododendrons (can be planted in parks, etc. - not near streets)