Chapter 20

Part G: Rates and Regulations for Water Service - (OR4-2007)

100.00 Ordinance to be amended:
100.10 The Borough of Saegertown enacted ”An Ordinance of the Borough of Saegertown Defining and Establishing Rates and Regulations for Water Service to Properties and Establishing Connections to the Water System; Establishing a Schedule of Water Rates in Terms of Payment; and Providing Penalties for Violation” on April 14, 2003 (OR1-2003).
100.20 The Borough of Saegertown desires to amend the said Ordinance to provide for the establishment of additional penalties, late fees and/or interest.
100.30 THEREFORE, the Borough Council of the Borough of Saegertown hereby amends said Ordinance as follows:
200.00 Billing and Payment Procedures:
200.10 The Borough Council reserves the right to establish and set penalties, late fees, and interest by Resolution made and passed at a duly constituted meeting of Borough Council, a quorum being then and there present for the transaction of business.
300.00 Effective Date:
300.10 This Ordinance shall become effective on the 11th day of July, 2007.
400.10 Ordained and enacted this 11th day of July, 2007.