Chapter 20

Part D: Lead Ban - (OR5-1993)

100.00 Compliance:
100.10 On and after the effective date of this ordinance, and in compliance with the provisions of the Plumbing System Lead Ban and Notification Act. 35 P.S. §723.1. et seq ., the Borough declares its intent to protect the public health and safety by prohibiting the use of lead material in plumbing systems to be connected to the Borough's water system.
200.00 Lead Free:
200.10 An individual. partnership, association, company, corporation, municipality, municipal authority or political sub­ division, or an agency of the federal or state government shall henceforth not be connected to the Borough's public water system unless written certification is received from the builder, plumbing contractor, plumber or owner, which certification provides that only lead free materials have been used in the plumbing repairs and new construction.
300.00 Record Keeping:
300.10 The certification hereinabove referred to shall be retained by the Borough for a period of at least five years.
400.00 Other Permits:
400.10 The certification above referred shall be in addition to any building permit, zoning permit or other permits, license etc. which may be required.
500.00 Refusal of Service:
500.10 In the event that certification is denied the applicant, then the Borough secretary shall cause to be issued a notice refusing connection to the Borough's water system.
500.20 All notices of refusal shall be maintained in the office of the Borough secretary for a period of at least five years from the date of said refusal.
600.00 Fines:
600.10 From and after the effective date of this ordinance, no connection shall be made to the Borough's water system without the certification hereinabove provided being furnished to the Borough by the applicant.
600.20 Upon failure to comply, the Borough may prosecute violators and upon conviction thereof violators shall be sentenced to pay a Class A fine as set by resolution of Council.
600.30 Each day certification has not been furnished to the Borough being considered a separate violation thereof.
700.00 Effective:
700.10 This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon enactment thereof.
800.00 Enacted:
800.10 ORDAINED and ENACTED My 17th, 1993.