Chapter 20

Part B: Multiple Water Users  - (OR2-1982)

100.00 Notification:
100.10 In all cases where a building within the Borough of Saegertown is serviced by the Saegertown Water System, and which building is occupied by more than one user, it shall be the duty of the landlord and/or owner of the building to notify the Secretary of the Borough at all times within ten (10) days of any changes concerning the number of users of the water system within that building.
200.00 Rate assessed:
200.10 Upon the failure of the landlord or owner of the building to so notify the Secretary, the Borough shall assess the minimum rate or actual usage rate for said structure, whichever is higher.
200.20 It being the specific intent of this Ordinance to require the owners and/or landlords of said buildings to keep the Borough advised at all times of the number of users within their buildings.
300.00 Definition:
300.10 The term “user” as set forth herein is intended to mean any person or persons, firms, associations, partnerships or corporations.
400.00 Number of Meters:
400.10 This requirement shall apply regardless of the number of meters which service the particular structure so that the owner or landlord is required to notify the Borough from time to time of the number of users within said building regardless of the number of meters which may be servicing said building.
500.00 Validity:
500.10 If any Section of this Ordinance shall be found to be invalid, the other Sections of this Ordinance, shall not be affected thereby.
600.00 Effective:
600.10 This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage thereof.
700.00 Repealer:
700.10 All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances which are inconsistent or in conflict with this Ordinance are hereby repealed.
800.00 Enacted:
800.10 ENACTED AND ORDAINED this 21st day of June, 1982.