Chapter 19

Part G: Construction of a Municipal Building  - (OR1-1974)

100.00 Appropriation of Land:
100.10 Borough of Saegertown hereby authorizes the selection ,and appropriation of the following described property:
100.11 Beginning at a point in the South line of Erie Street said point being one hundred (100) feet east of the center line of the existing double track of the Erie Railroad Company;
100.12 Thence south eighty-four (84) degrees thirty (30) minutes East along the South line of Erie Street, fourteen hundred six and two tenths (1406.2) feet to a stake in the South line of said street;
100.13 Thence South ten (10) degrees forty-four (44) minutes twenty (20) seconds West along other land formerly of Harold R. Pettit, et ux., two hundred forty (240) feet to a stake;
100.14 Thence continuing South nineteen (19) degrees fifty-one (51) minutes twenty (20) seconds East along other land formerly of Pettit, six hundred thirty-two and eighty-two one­ hundredths (632.82) feet to a stake in the North line of land formerly of Nola Fanning;
100.15 Thence North eighty-four (84) degree's twenty-two (22) minutes twenty (20) seconds west along said land formerly of Fanning, sixteen hundred sixty and twenty-five one- hundredths (160.25) feet to the East line of the Erie Railroad Company's Right of Way; thence North five (5) degrees thirty-two (32) minutes East along the said Right of Way, eight hundred two and ninety-one one-hundredths (802.91) feet to the place of beginning;
100.16 Containing twenty-three and fifty-three one-hundredths (23.53) acres of land, more or less.
101.00 GATX:
101.10 BEING a part of the same land conveyed to the Meadville Area Industrial Commission by General American Transportation Corp., dated December 28, 1970, and recorded in the Recorder's Office of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, in Deed Book 453, page 599;
101.20 For the purpose of construction of a municipal building for said Borough;
101.30 Together with parking area for parking of automobiles, trucks and other vehicles;
101.40 And for recreational purposes.
200.00 Declaration of Taking:
200.10 The Borough Solicitor is authorized and; directed to prepare and file with the appropriate Court a Declaration of Taking, which shall be executed by the proper officers of the Borough for the selection and appropriation of the hereinabove described property;
200.20 And to take any action that may be necessary or desirable to carry out the interest and, purposes of this Ordinance.
300.00 Authorization:
300.10 The Borough shall acquire and upon acquisition, the Borough Council is authorized to use the property for construction site of a municipal building, parking area and recreational purposes.
400.00 Enacted:
400.10 Ordained and Enacted into law July 1st, 1974.