Chapter 19

Part F: Library - Resolution Nov. 1953)

100.00 Description:
100.10 Whereas, Ralph E. Miller and Edith F. Miller, his wife, have offered to sell to the Borough of Saegertown, Crawford County Pennsylvania, for the sum of One thousand Dollars ($1000.00), all that certain parcel or piece of land situate in the Borough of Saegertown, Crawford County Pennsylvania;
100.20 Bounded and described as follows, to wit:
100.21 On the north by Broad Street, 54 feet;
100.22 On the east by Kern Alley, 60 feet,
100.23 On the south by the land of Bertha Smith, 54 feet,
100.24 On the west side by their other land, 60 feet,
100.30 Reserving the right, however, to lay a sewer through said land to connect with any sewer that the borough may lay in the alley;
100.40 Whereas said land is derived from the construction of a municipal fire and storage building thereon.
200.00 Agree to Purchase:
200.10 Wherefore, be it resolved by the Council of the Borough of Saegertown, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, that the land be purchased at the price offered, and that an order be drawn on the treasurer for the payment of the same repot the delivery of a deed conveying the title free and clear of all lines and encumbrances, if any, or record or otherwise.
300.00 Enacted:
300.10 Adopted Nov. 3, 1953.