Chapter 19

Part E: Heritage Society Building (2013)  - (OR4-1937)

100.00 Location:
100.10 Northwest corner of Broad Street and Kern Alley.
200.00 Enacted:
200.10 Be it ordained and enacted by the Council of the Borough of Saegertown, and it is hereby ordained and enacted by and with the authority of the same, that a public building be erected upon the Borough lot at the corner of Broad Street and Kern Alley in accordance with the plans and specifications drawn by J. Howard Hicks, architect.
300.00 Cost:
300.10 That the cost of the building shall not be more nor exceed $8,000.00.
400.00 Use:
400.10 That said building shall be used for general municipal purposes.
500.00 Bidding:
500.10 That the corporate officers be and hereby are empowered to enter into the proper contract or contracts with the lowest as possible, bidder or bidders for the erection thereof.
600.00 Bid Bond:
600.10 That the contract or contractors shall furnish a Bond as required by the Borough Code.
700.00 Authority:
700.10 That the corporate officers by and hereby are empowered to do any other act or thing necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of this ordinance.
800.00 Enacted:
800.10 Enacted Aug. 23, 1937.