Chapter 19

Part A: Borough Boundaries  - (OR1-1883, Section 1)

100.00 General:
100.10 That the limits and boundaries of the borough aforesaid in accordance with acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and orders and decrees of the Court of Quarter Session of Crawford County relating thereto and herby ordained and declared to be as follows:
100.11 Beginning at northwest corners of French Creek in the lines between the lands formerly owned by the late William D. McGill deceased and on the south by lands formerly owned by the late Charles D. McGill deceased;
100.12 From thence running eastwardly on said line and in direct continuation thereof to the west line of lands formerly owned by the late Jacob Flaugh deceased now owned by Robert Job;
100.13 Thence south along said Job and others to the north line of the Poor House Farm;
100.14 Thence eastwardly along the north line of said Poor House Farm to the eastern limits of said farm;
100.15 Thence south of the east margin of said farm to the south west corner thereof: thence west on the line bounding said farm on the south and in the direct continuation of said line to French Creek aforesaid;
100.16 From thence in a northerly direction following the meanderings of said French Creek to the place of the beginning.
200.00 Center of French Creek: (Section 2)
200.10 That municipal jurisdiction is hereby declared and assumed on French Creek aforesaid to the center of the stream, from the north lines of said borough to the south line together with riparian rights in all cases where streets and alleys or other public grounds lay alongside of said stream or terminate on the same.
300.00 Western Boundary: (Section 15)
300.10 French Creek is hereby declared to be the western margin of Main Street from the northern limits of the borough to the north line of Wayne Minium;
300.11 From the south line of the Mill property of H.C. Mimick to the southern limits of said borough;
300.12 It is also the western terminus of Washington, Broad and Erie Streets and Mook and Renner Alleys.
400.00 Enacted:
400.10 Feb. 10, 1883.