Chapter 16

Part F: Stop Signs  - (OR2-2003)

100.00 Definitions and Interpretation:
100.10 Words and phrases, when used in this ordinance, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Vehicle Code (the Act of June 17, 1976, P.L. 162, No. 81), as amended.
100.20 Except that in this ordinance, the words “street”, “alley” and “avenue” may be used interchangeably with the word “highway” and shall have the same meaning as the word “highway” as defined in the Vehicle Code.
100.30 In this ordinance, the singular shall include the plural, the plural shall include the singular, and the masculine shall include the feminine.
200.00 Stop Intersections Established:
200.10 The following intersections are established as stop intersections:
200.20 Official stop signs shall be erected in such a position as to face traffic approaching the second-named highway (the intersecting or through highway) on the first- named highway (the stop highway) in the direction or directions indicated for that intersection.
200.30 Every driver of a vehicle approaching the intersection on the first-named or stop highway, in the direction indicated in each case, shall stop the vehicle as required by Section 3323(b) or any updates of the Vehicle Code, and shall not proceed into or across the second-named or intersecting or through highway until he has followed all applicable requirements of that section of the law.
300.00 Intersections Identified:
  Stop Highway: Intersection or Through Highway: Direction of Travel:
1. Grant Street South Street Southbound
2. Mill Street Grant Street Eastbound
3. Mill Street Main Street Westbound
4. Euclid Avenue Mill Street Southbound
5. Alden Alley Grant Street Eastbound
6. Alden Alley Euclid Avenue Eastbound and Westbound
7. Kern Alley Floyd Alley Northbound
8. Alden Alley Main Street Westbound
9. Kern Alley Alden Alley Southbound
10. Floyd Alley Euclid Avenue Eastbound
11. Floyd Alley Grant Street Eastbound
12. Floyd Alley Euclid Avenue Westbound
13. Floyd Alley Main Street Westbound
14. Kern Alley Erie Street Northbound
15. Euclid Avenue Erie Street Northbound
16. Grant Street Erie Street Northbound
17. David Alley Erie Street Southbound
18. Erie Street Main Street Westbound
19. Euclid Avenue Erie Street Southbound
20. Grant Street Erie Street Southbound
21. Renner Alley Main Street Eastbound
22. Renner Alley Kern Alley Eastbound and Westbound
23. Kern Alley Renner Alley Northbound and Southbound
24. Renner Alley Euclid Avenue Eastbound
25. Dixon ALley Grant Street Eastbound
26. David Alley Broad Street Northbound
27. Broad Street Main Street Eastbound
28. Kern Alley Broad Street Northbound
29. Broad Street Euclid Avenue Eastbound
30. Euclid Avenue Broad Street Northbound
31. Edwards Alley Broad Street Northbound
32. Broad Street Grant Street Eastbound
33. Broad Street Water Street Westbound
34. David Alley Broad Street Southbound
35. Broad Street Main Street Westbound
36. Kern Alley Broad Street Southbound
37. Euclid Avenue Broad Street Southbound
38. Broad Street Euclid Avenue Westbound
39. Edwards Alley Broad Street Southbound
40. David Alley Mook Alley Northbound
41. Mook Alley Main Street Eastbound
42. Kern Alley Mook Alley Northbound
43. Edwards Alley Mook Alley Northbound
44. Mook Alley Grant Street Eastbound
45. Mook Alley Main Street Westbound
46. Kern Alley Mook Alley Southbound
47. Mook Alley Euclid Avenue Westbound
48. Edwards Alley Mook Alley Southbound
49. Washington Street Grant Street Eastbound
50. Edwards Alley Washington Street Northbound
51. Washington Street Euclid Avenue Eastbound
52. Kern Alley Washington Street Northbound
53. Washington Street Main Street Westbound
54. Kern Alley Washington Street Southbound
55. Washington Street Euclid Avenue Westbound
56. McGill Street Grant Street Eastbound
57. McGill Street Euclid Avenue Westbound
58. McGill Street Euclid Avenue Eastbound
59. Kern Alley McGill Street Northbound
60. Kern Alley McGill Street Southbound
61. McGill Street Main Street Westbound
62. Kern Alley Sackett Alley Northbound
63. Sackett Alley Euclid Avenue Eastbound
64. Removed Street Vacated  
65. Kern Alley Erie Street Southbound
66. Edwards Alley Dixon Alley Southbound
67. Removed Street Vacated  
68. Kern Alley Floyd Alley Southbound
69. Dixon Alley Euclid Avenue Westbound
70. David Alley Renner Alley Northbound
71. David Alley Renner Alley Southbound
72. Renner Alley Water Street Westbound
73. Grant Street Washington Street Northbound and Southbound
74. Euclid Avenue Washington Street Northbound and Southbound
75. Euclid Avenue McGill Street Northbound and Southbound
76. Grant Street McGill Street Northbound and Southbound
77. Grant Street Mill Street Northbound and Southbound
78. Grant Street Broad Street Northbound and Southbound
79. Euclid Avenue North Street Northbound
80. Washington Street Main Street Eastbound
81. Mook Alley Euclid Avenue Eastbound
82. Broad Street Water Street Eastbound
83. Broad Street Grant Street Westbound
84. Renner Alley Main Street Westbound
85. Erie Street Main Street Eastbound
86. Floyd Alley Kern Alley Eastbound and Westbound
87. South Street Main Street Eastbound
88. Park Avenue South Street Northbound
89. Independence Drive South Street Northbound
90. Crawford Street Erie Street Southbound
91. Bell Drive Erie Street Northbound
92. Parkview Drive Erie Street Northbound
93. Lynnhaven Drive Erie Street Northbound
94. Ross Drive Erie Street Northbound
95. Valleyview Drive Erie Street Northbound
96. Windvale Drive Erie Street Northbound
97. Caryln Drive Erie Street Northbound
400.00 Penalty:
400.10 Any person who violates any provision of this section shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a Class A fine as set by resolution of Council and costs.
500.00 Effective:
500.10 ENACTED and ORDAINED this 14th day of April, 2003.