Chapter 16

Part B: Sports on Streets  - (OR1-1893, Section 24)

100.00 Sports on Streets:
100.10 It shall be unlawful for any person to play football or baseball, tennis, croquet or other athletic game or games, or cast stones or other missiles by hand or with slings or other contrivances in the streets, alleys, or public grounds not approved for such activities, of said borough without written permission of Council.
100.20 At no time, may traffic or pedestrians be obstructed from freely passing in approved areas.
100.30 Any permitted sports equipment (such as, but not limited to: portable basketball hoops, hockey goals etc.) must be removed from the street right of way between Nov. 1 of each year and April 1st of the following year.
200.00 Penalty:
200.10 Any person convicted of such offense or complaint duly made before any District Justice in said borough shall pay a Class E fine set by resolution of Council for every such offense committed or the use of said borough and costs at the discretion of said District Justice.
300.00 Enacted:
300.10 Approved by Council Feb. 10, 1893.