Chapter 12

Part A: Parks and Recreation  - (OR1-2007)

100.00 Regulated Recreation Locations:
100.10 Town Square
100.11 That area on all four corners at the corner of Main Street and Broad Street.
100.12 Also known as “Public Square” (as authorized in 1893)
100.13 The areas are identified on the tax map as: 4510-33, 4510-34, 4510-35, and 4510-36
100.20 Jordan Park
100.21 That area on the south side of Erie Street near Beck Run. (Tax id # 4503-005)
100.22 Address of Jordan Park to be 635 Erie Street.
200.00 Use of Facilities::
200.10 These recreation facilities are for the use by the residents of the Borough of Saegertown and the General Public.
200.20 The facilities are for use on a first come first serve basis unless reserved for use by rules set forth by Borough Council from time to time, and on file at the Borough Office.
200.21 Non-residents may only reserve a facility after April 1st of the year requested.
200.22 The facility may be reserved for only one date at a time.
200.30 Bathroom use:
200.31 Keys for use of the bathrooms at Jordan Park are available at the Borough office by request.
200.32 Keys must be picked up and returned to the Borough Office at the date and time specified by the Borough.
200.33 Key holder is responsible for any damages that occur to bathrooms while they are in position of a key.
200.34 Key holder must lock bathrooms after use and return key to Borough Office.
300.00 Restricted Use:
300.10 Ball fields, picnic pavilions, basketball court and concession stand may be restricted for use by Borough Council and may be reserved with permission of the Borough.
300.20 Yards sales on Borough property are not permitted, with the following exception:
300.21 Non-profit organizations with prior permission from Council.
400.00 Fees for use:
400.10 The Borough may set fees for use of the facilities by resolution from time to time.
400.20 Deposits for use may be set by resolution from time to time by the Borough, to include clean-up, and responsibility for damages.
400.30 Any person reserving any recreation facilities will be responsible for any damages incurred while they have reserved the facilities, even if the damage is more than the deposit required to reserve.
400.40 Borough has the right to charge for actual repair of damages that incurred while the facility was reserved, including collection costs, interest and attorney fees.
500.00 Basic Rules:
  Council may establish rules and regulations with regard to parks and recreational facilities by resolution from time to time.
500.10 Any person using either facility shall be responsible for any damages they do, intentional or accidental, to any recreation facility, including grounds and parking lots.
500.20 No off-road vehicles (ATV’s etc.) that are not licensed to operate on streets and roads are permitted on any recreation facility without prior permission.
500.30 Jordan Park shall be closed for use at dark on all dates, times and seasons of the year.
500.40 Up to 48 hours parking is permitted at Jordan Park with permission from the Borough.
500.50 No person may deposit trash or rubbish in waste cans or garbage “dumpster” units unless the garbage or refuse is generated at the facility, or the person has prior permission from the Borough.
500.51 Private use of refuse units shall constitute "theft of service" and will be prosecuted as such.
500.60 The use of “Field #1” (the most northerly field at Jordan Park) is for use by permission only by the Borough.
600.00 Right to Assembly:
600.10 Any individual or group requesting to use any recreation facility in the Borough for the following purposes must first secure a permit from the Borough Office;
600.11 Political Rallies;
600.12 Religious Gatherings;
600.13 Protest Rallies;
600.14 Memorial Services;
600.15 Parties;
600.16 Displays;
600.17 Decorating;
600.18 Sanctioned or scheduled sports events, or tournaments.
600.19 Reserved
600.20 Advertising is not permitted on recreation facilities except:
600.21 Non-profit fund raisers with permission,
600.22 Events or functions with prior approval of Borough Council.
600.30 The Borough may set fees for any of the above uses by resolution from time to time.
700.00 Penalty:
700.10 Class B fine as set by resolution of Council from time to time.
800.00 Severability:
800.10 If any sentence, clause, section or part of this Ordinance is for any reason found to be unconstitutional, illegal or invalid, such unconstitutionality, illegality or invalidity shall not affect or impair any of the remaining provisions, sentences, clauses, sections, or part of this Ordinance.
800.20 It is hereby declared as the intent of the Borough Council of Saegertown Borough that this Ordinance would have been adopted had such unconstitutional, illegal, or invalid sentence, clause, section, or part not been included herein.
900.00 Repealer:
900.10 All ordinances and parts of ordinances inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.