Chapter 11

Part D: Parking Regulations  - (OR1-2006)

100.00 Parking Ban:
100.10 From and after the effective date of this ordinance it shall be unlawful for any person to park a motor vehicle, or trailer or allow the same to remain parked upon or along any of the hereinafter designated highways or portions thereof within the Borough.
200.00 Definitions:
200.10 The following words and phrases shall have, unless the content clearly indicates otherwise, the meanings given to them in this section.
201.00 "Control Period" - From November 1 of any year thru April 1st of the following year when the parking regulations herein set forth shall be in effect.
202.00 "Highway" or "Street" - The entire width of the right of way of every way publicly maintained when any part hereof is open to the public for purposes of vehicular travel.
203.00 "Motor Vehicle" - A vehicle which is self-propelled, including but not limited to, motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors and as defined in the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code.
204.00 "Offense" - A violation of this ordinance.
205.00 "Park" or "Parked" - The halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except momentarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading property or passengers, on a highway.
206.00 "Trailer" - Any device or vehicle designed for carrying person(s) or property of any kind; which is towed or carried by a motor vehicle;
206.10 Including but not limited to, storage trailers, dumpers and roll-off boxes.
300.00 Placement of Signs:
300.10 The Mayor or Council shall direct the placement of signs on the designated streets as provided in this Ordinance.
400.00 Parking Restrictions:
401.00 No motor vehicle of any kind shall be permitted to park at any time in the Borough as follows:
401.10 Erie Street - No parking from midnight to 7:00 a.m.
401.20 Main Street - No parking from midnight to 7:00 a.m.
401.30 On all streets which run East to West - no parking from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the control period on the North side of such streets on even days and no parking on the South side of such streets on odd days;
401.40 On streets which run North to South - no parking from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the control period on the East side of such streets on odd days and no parking from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the control period on the West side of such streets on even days.
401.50 Bell Drive, Parkview Drive, Lynnhaven Drive, Ross Drive, Valleyview Drive, Windvale Drive and Caryln Drive – no parking any time during the control period.
500.00 Penalty for Violation:
501.00 Any person who shall violate any provision of this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof, be sentenced as follows: Violation is a Class E fine as set by resolution of Council.
600.00 Offense Determination:
600.10 For purposes of determining a second or a succeeding offense, such second or succeeding offense shall be determined in the control period for each year.
700.00 Payments:
700.10 In lieu of conviction and payment in accordance with the provisions of Section 500, any person who shall violate the provisions of this Ordinance may be issued a parking ticket which shall provide the person an opportunity to pay the amount set forth on the parking ticket within ten (ten) days of the date of issuance thereof.
700.20 The amount of the parking ticket shall be a Class E fine to be determined by resolution of Borough Council.
700.30 Should any person fail to respond or not pay the amount set forth in such parking ticket within the time period provided, then the Borough Mayor or Secretary shall file appropriate proceedings with the District Magistrate Judge and proceed in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.
800.00 Record of Violations:
800.10 It shall be the duty of the Borough Secretary to keep a record of all violations.
800.20 Except as hereinafter provided in Section 800 herein, at the end of each annual control period the Borough Council, in its discretion, may destroy those violation records which accumulated during said control period.
800.30 Any violations for which prosecution thereon shall not have been completed shall be retained beyond the end of a given control period until prosecution has been completed.
900.00 Miscellaneous:
900.10 The Borough Council shall have the right to add to or delete therefrom by resolution any streets or highways now or hereafter affected by this ordinance.
900.20 Council shall have the further power to designate a portion of a given highway or street within the Borough and unless so stated, inclusion of a given highway or street shall mean its entire portion.
900.30 For those streets or highways added after the effective date of this ordinance, no enforcement thereof shall be permitted until appropriate signs as set forth in Section 300 shall have been erected.
910.00 It shall be the duty of the Borough Secretary to keep on file appended to this ordinance a current list of streets and highways so affected.
1000.00 Construction/Severability:
1000.10 Invalidity of any portion of this ordinance shall not be deemed to render this entire ordinance invalid.
1000.20 It is hereby declared as the intent of the Borough Council that this ordinance would have been adopted had such invalid section or part thereof not been included herein.
1100.00 Repealer:
1100.10 Any and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed.
1200.00 Effective date:
1200.10 This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage thereof.
1300.00 Enacted:
1300.10 ORDAINED and ENACTED January 9th, 2006.