Chapter 11

Part A: General Parking Regulations  - (OR1-1973; OR2-2015)

100.00 Traffic Administration and Penalty:
101.00 Definitions:
101.10 Words and phrases used in the Borough Traffic Code shall have the same meaning as used in Section 102 of the Pennsylvania vehicle code as amended. Other words when used in this traffic code shall be defined as follows:
101.11 Highway” - includes any street, alley or road used as a public thoroughfare.
101.12 Sidewalk” - means that part of a highway for the use of pedestrians.
101.13 Curb”- means the edge of the roadway curbed, marked or understood.
101.14 Limit Lanes” - means boundaries, or parking areas, danger zones, cross walks. Etc.
101.15 Horse” - means any saddle driving or draft animal.
101.16 One Way Traffic” - means so restricted to one direction.
110.00 Traffic Regulations by Council Resolution:
110.10 The Mayor or Borough Manager, with consent of Council by written resolution, shall have the power to close any highway or part thereof, to parking to regulate the time extent one conditions of parking whereon to designate:
110.11 One-way traffic highways;
110.12 Prohibit right or left hand turns or turning around at certain intersections;
110.13 To close a highway, temporarily to all or certain kinds of traffic;
110.14 To designate routes for through traffic;
110.15 To make and change any or all of the regulations mentioned in this section, with the consent of council, aforesaid, at his discretion, by giving public notice thereof in a daily newspaper of the area, and by placing conspicuous, appropriate and proper signs as required by law.
120.00 Emergencies:
120.10 However, in cases of emergency, when necessary to promote public safety, the mayor or Borough Manager may perform any of the acts authorized by this section without the consent of Council, by advertising and posting as above prescribed, to be effective until the next regular meeting of Council.
130.00 Repealer:
130.10 Any regulation, such as is covered by this section already enacted by council by due legal procedure shall not be repealed or amended by virtue of the enactment of this section, but should remain in full force and effect until repealed as amended by resolution adopted under the provisions of this section.
140.00 General Penalty:
140.10 Any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance for which no penalty is otherwise provided, should be fined a Class A fine as set by resolution of Council and, in default of payment, shall be imprisoned as set by resolution of Council.
150.00 Attorney Fees:
150.10 Penalty shall include any attorney fees accrued during the collection of fees and penalties.
200.00 Vehicle Operations: :
201.00 Driving on One-Way Highways:
201.10 No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway designated and posted as a highway limited by the code to one-way traffic, except only in the direction as posted and permitted by law.
202.00 Part of Erie Street as Fire Safety Zone:
202.10 No person shall stop a vehicle for any purpose on Erie Street within 100 feet from the Fire Station in either direction so as to obstruct traffic of fire trucks and equipment exiting from the Saegertown Fire Station.
202.20 Approaching Emergency Vehicles;
202.21 Upon the approach of emergency vehicles, and / or the sounding of emergency siren and or other emergency vehicle warning signal, operations of all vehicles shall vacate immediately and move out of such emergency lanes.
202.30 “Emergency Vehicles” shall include:
202.31 Fire Dept. Vehicles
202.32 Police and Law Enforcement Vehicles
202.33 Ambulances and Emergency Medical Vehicles
202.34 Special Emergency Vehicles such as, but not limited to, Haz-Mat, SCUBA, etc.
203.00 (Reserved)
204.00 Backing to Obstruct Traffic:
204.10 No person shall back a vehicle to make a turn; if in so doing it will obstruct traffic.
205.00 U-Turns prohibited:
205.10 No operators of any vehicle or tractor shall make a U-Turn upon any highway within the Borough.
206.00 Unsafe Operations, Contents Securing, Loud Noises:
206.10 No persons shall operate a vehicle on any highway of the Borough which is so constructed, enclosed, equipped or loaded so as to be dangerous to either its contents, retard traffic or prevent the driver from having a view sufficient for safety purposes;
206.11 Or which is so loaded so as to create loud noises while in transit.
207.00 Right of Way of Funeral Processions:
207.10 No driver of a vehicle shall cut through or obstruct a funeral procession.
207.11 Provided this shall not be construed to include vehicles of the police and fire departments operated in the course of duty.
208.00 Horses:
208.10 No horse shall be left unbridled or unattended on a highway or unenclosed area unless properly fastened,
208.11 No horse shall be ridden or driven in the Borough at a pace or speed faster than a walk.
208.12 No horse shall be used, led, ridden, or driven on a slippery pavement unless properly shod to prevent falling.
208.13 Any person who rides or drives a horse in the Borough shall be responsible for the immediate removal of any droppings when said horse is on the property of another, or on the streets of the Borough.
209.00 Parking near Jordan Park:
209.10 No motor vehicle of any kind shall be permitted to park at any time within the Borough on the South side of Erie Street between Crawford Street and Bell Drive.
209.10 Council is authorized to take such action as is necessary to post signs and otherwise designate the established area.
(The above was added by resolution on 4-14-14)
210.00 Parking near the intersection of Main Street and Broad Street:
210.10 Refer to Chapter 11 – Part B.
220.00 Parking near the intersection of Main Street and Erie Street:
220.10 No motor vehicle of any kind shall be permitted to park at any time within the Borough on Erie Street:
220.11 135 feet East of Main Street (traffic light) on both sides of the street,
220.20 And on Main Street:
220.21 135 feet from the intersection of Erie Street in both directions on the East side of Main Street.
220.30 A violation of this section shall result in Class E penalties as established by resolution of Borough Council.
220.31 No warnings shall be given for this section.
220.40 Set by resolution January 11, 2016.
300.00 Pedestrians:
301.00 Compliance with regulations:
301.10 Pedestrians shall avoid careless walking and complying with the following resolutions:
301.11 On highways without sidewalks, shall not force approaching traffic out of traffic line if other vehicles are approaching, or passing, but shall yield to such traffic.
301.12 On highways without sidewalks, shall keep to the left side of the highway so as to have a clear view of approaching traffic.
301.13 Observe traffic before stepping off a curb, and keep off a highway except when on a crosswalk or where there is no sidewalk.
301.14 Cross roadway at right angles, never diagonally, and if reasonably possible, on a cross walk.
301.15 Obey instructions of a traffic officer and heed traffic signals and limit lines.
301.16 Stand off the highway while waiting for a bus or other vehicle.
301.17 Observe moving traffic before alighting from a vehicle in the highway.
301.18 Shall not stand or loiter on a crosswalk or in front of a public entrance from a highway.
301.19 Shall not cross a highway in the business district except at regular crosswalks.
400.00 Parking and Stopping:
401.00 Parking in Violation of Council Resolutions:
401.10 No persons shall park any vehicle at any place where council has by written resolution only passed at a regularly convened meeting prohibited such parking, or at any place in violation of limitations or restrictions where council by written resolution has limited or restricted such parking,
401.20 And where such prohibited, limited, or restricted parking areas have been properly posted and the resolution of council properly advertised.
402.00 Loading and Unloading:
402.10 No vehicle shall block any lane of traffic while loading or unloading for longer than ten (10) Minutes.
402.10 No vehicle shall block both lanes of traffic at any time, including during unloading and loading.
403.00 Moving a No Parking sign:
403.10 No persons shall move a “No parking” or other traffic sign except duly authorized Borough personnel.
404.00 Stopping on Crosswalks or Within Intersections:
404.10 No operator of a vehicle shall stop on a crosswalk or within a highway intersection except in an emergency.
405.00 Parking to Obstruct Traffic or Driveway:
405.10 No operator of a vehicle shall park so as to prevent the free passage of other vehicles in both directions at the same time or in one direction on one way streets or alleys with any part of such vehicle as its load extending beyond limit lines,
405.20 No operator of a vehicle shall park so as to obstruct a driveway, or park within ten (10) feet of the entrance to a driveway.
405.30 No operator of a vehicle shall park in any area where parking is prohibited by properly placed “No parking” signs.
406.00 Parking to Obstruct Fire Hydrants:
406.10 No operator of a vehicle shall park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant,
406.11 No operator of a vehicle shall park within ten feet of either side of the downladder of any fire escape abutting on the public highway.
407.00 Horse drawn vehicle:
407.10 A person in charge of a horse drawn vehicle while stopping for loading or unloading shall stop so as the horse or horses shall stand parallel with the curb faced in the direction of traffic.
408.00 Occupying highway so as to obstruct traffic:
408.10 No operator of a vehicle shall occupy a roadway so as to obstruct traffic.
409.00 Vehicles not to be Repaired on Highways or Streets:
409.10 No person shall repair a vehicle on a public highway of the Borough,
409.11 Except such temporary and necessary repairs or may enable the vehicle to be removed to a repair garage.
410.00 Large Vehicle Parking:
410.10 No person shall park any of the following vehicles on any Borough street at any time:
410.11 Trucks or vans over 14,000 GVWR.
410.12 Dump Trucks or construction vehicles;
410.13 Trucks with box type beds;
410.14 Semi-tractors and/or trailers;
410.20 Exceptions:
410.21 Loading and unloading as referenced in 402.10
410.22 Construction purposes on a temporary basis with permission of the authorized Borough representative;
410.23 Other purposes with prior permission of the authorized Borough representative.
409.00 Penalty:
409.10 Any persons violating any of the provisions of this Ordinance shall upon summary conviction before a magistrate be fined a Class E fine as set by resolution of Council and costs of the prosecution, including attorney fees, and in default of the payment thereof, shall be imprisoned for a time as set by resolution of Council.
500.00 Interpretation:
501.00 Severability:
501.10 Provisions of this ordinance shall be severable, and if any of the provisions shall be held unconstitutional or illegal such decision shall not affect the validity of any of the remaining provisions of this ordinance.
501.20 It is hereby declared as a legislative intent that this ordinance would not have been adopted had such unconstitutional or illegal provision not been included herein.
502.00 Repealer:
502.10 The provisions of this ordinance so far as they are the same as those of ordinances and regulations in force immediately.
502.20 Prior to the enactment of the ordinance, are intended as a continuation of such ordinances and regulations and not as new enactment.
502.30 All ordinances or parts of ordinances heretofore enacted which are inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed insofar as they are inconsistent herewith.
502.40 The provisions of this ordinance shall not affect any act lone or liability incurred, nor shall they affect any suit or prosecution pending or to be constructed to enforce any right or penalty or to punish any offense under the authority of any repealed ordinance or regulations.
600.00 Enacted:
600.10 Enacted and adopted as an ordinance this 14th day of September, 2015. This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon enactment.