Chapter 9

Part D: Leaves and Leaf Collection  - (OR1-2014)

100.00 Purpose:
  The purpose of this Ordinance is to establish standards for leaf and leaf waste collection and disposal for the benefit of the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Borough of Saegertown.
200.00 Definitions:
201.00 Brush – cut or broken branches from woody shrubs and/or trees.
202.00 Dried Plant Material – dried leaves and stems from annual and/or perennial plants.
203.00 Grass – slender leaved lawn grass, not including ornamental grasses.
204.00 Leaves and Leaf Waste Material – foliage from woody shrubs and trees.
205.00 Tree Limbs – large branches of trees, not including trunks or stumps.
300.00 General Restrictions:
301.00 On Public Ways:
  It shall be a violation of this Ordinance to place soil, brush, dried plant material, grass, leaves and leaf waste materials and/or other like materials and/or tree limbs on any public way within the Borough of Saegertown.
302.00 Curb Pick-up:
  It shall be a violation of this Ordinance to place soil, dried plant material, grass, leaves and leaf waste materials, and/or other like materials at the curb for pick-up from Nov. 1st of year until April 1st of year to correspond to winter parking regulations as set by the Borough of Saegertown.
302.10 Leaves placed near the street for pick-up that become wet by any means shall be required to be picked up and bagged by the property owner.
303.00 Burning:
  The burning of dried plant material, grass, leaves and leaf waste materials, and/or other like materials, and/or tree limbs shall be strictly prohibited but owners may mulch leaves and leaf waste or provide composting of leaves and leaf waste on their properties.
304.00 Burning Permit:
  The burning of brush and/or tree limbs or like material for recreational purposes is permissible after obtaining a permit from the Borough.
400.00 General Regulations:
  Saegertown Borough Council shall establish rules, regulations and standards for collection and enforcement of this Ordinance by duly adopted Resolution.
500.00 Administration and Enforcement:
  It shall be the duty of the Borough of Saegertown Borough Manager, Borough Secretary, or his or her designee, to administer and enforce this ordinance and the regulations contained in any corresponding resolution(s).
600.00 Penalties:
  Penalties, fines, costs and fees for violation of this Ordinance shall be a Class E fine as set by duly adopted Resolution of Council.
700.00 Severability of Provisions:
  Should any section, sentence, phrase or other portion of this Ordinance be declared invalid, such portion shall be deemed as a separate and distinct provision and shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of this Ordinance.
800.00 Repealer:
  All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances not consistent or conflicting with the provisions of this Ordinance or any corresponding Resolutions are hereby repealed.
900.00 Effective Date:
  This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon enactment in accordance with the law by Saegertown Borough Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  Approved: Sept. 8, 2014.