Chapter 8

Part D: Dumpsters 

100.00 Private Dumpsters:
100.01 Definitions: As used in this Article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated, except where the content specifically indicates otherwise:
100.10 Dumpster: A metal storage receptacle used to temporarily store debris and/ or garbage and which is then emptied of its contents or removed with it contents to a dump site.
100.20 Person: Any natural person, association, partnership, firm, corporation or other legal entity.
100.30 Street: The portion of any street, alley, and other ways used or intended to be used by vehicular traffic or pedestrians, whether public or private.
100.40 Temporary Dumpster: A dumpster used or intended as a disposal facility for construction, renovation and/ or demolition projects, special events, seasonal use, ore other intended purpose not intended to be permanent and as approved by Council or its designated officer.
101.00 Authorization:
101.10 Owners of businesses, industries, hotels, restaurants and multi-unit apartments may elect to contract for private refuse service by the use of dumpsters, at the owner’s expense, with the permission of Borough Council.
101.20 Dumpsters are not permitted for use at residential units consisting of 1 or 2 units.
200.00 Emptying Dumpsters:
200.10 Dumpsters may only be emptied by the refuse contractor from the prevailing time of 7:00 am until 11:00 pm.
200.20 Dumpsters may not be dumped on Sundays from 7:00 am until 12:00 pm, in addition to the regular permitted dumping hours.
200.30 The dumping of dumpsters may be regulated by resolution of Borough Council as needed from time to time.
300.00 Theft of Services:
300.10 It shall be illegal to place waste in a private dumpster without permission of the person paying for the dumping service.
400.00 Storage Locations:
400.10 Dumpsters must be located behind property, or in a location approved by Council or the Code enforcement officer.
400.20 Dumpsters may not be placed on or within 10 feet of any street or alley right of Way.
500.00 Fines:
500.10 Fines for unauthorized use of a dumpster shall be a Class D fine as set by resolution of Borough Council from time to time.
500.20 Fines for not complying with any section of this ordinance shall be a Class D fine as set by resolution of Borough Council from time to time.
600.00 Safety:
600.10 Dumpsters may be placed no closer than five (5) feet from any structure, unless it is protected by a sprinkler system, as authorized by the prevailing Fire Code.
600.20 Dumpsters must have a closable lid that can be kept locked, if required by Borough Council or an otherwise authorized person.
700.00 Locked Dumpsters:
700.10 Council may require lids and/or access to dumpsters to be locked due to one or more of the following conditions:
700.11 Animals, insects or rodents entering the dumpsters
700.12 Debris being scattered from dumpsters, by any means.
700.13 Person inhabiting or scavenging in dumpsters
700.14 Public use of the dumpster without written authorization
700.15 For fire protection purposes.
800.00 Temporary Dumpsters:
800.10 Temporary dumpsters may be permitted if approved by Council or designated officer.
800.20 Temporary dumpsters may not be placed on streets, alleys or rights-of-ways unless authorized.
800.30 Temporary dumpsters must be removed with 2 weeks of placement unless authorized by Council or designated officer.
900.00 Sanitary Conditions:
900.10 Waste must be kept in dumpsters, and any spillage or overflow must be cleaned daily.
1000.00 Enforcement
1000.10 This ordinance to be enforced by the Code Enforcement Officer or any person so designated by Council.
1100.00 Repealer:
1100.10 It is the intention of Council that each separate provision of this ordinance shall be independent of all other provisions herein.
1100.20 It is further the intention of Council that if any of the provisions of this ordinance be declared to be invalid, all of the other provisions hereof shall remain valid and in force.