Chapter 8

Part A: French Creek  - (OR1-1883, Section 19)

100.00 Garbage in French Creek:
100.10 It shall hereafter be unlawful for any person to place, dump or deposit in French Creek or on the banks or shores thereof, within the borough limits, at any other place any animal or vegetable matter, brush, sticks, stalks, weeds, vegetables, hay, straw, manure, dung, broken glass or crockery ware, discarded tin cans, pails or boxes, iron, wooden or hollow ware, or any refuse or rejected matter, or garbage of any kind whatever:
200.00 Penalty:
200.10 Any person violating this section and convicted for the same or complaint duly made before any District Justice of the Peace in said borough shall pay a Class B fine as set by resolution of Council for the use of said borough for each offense so committed as the discretion of the District Justice.
300.00 Enacted:
300.10 Approved by Council Feb. 10, 1893.