Chapter 7

Part F: Electricity  - (OR3-1972)

100.00 Authorization:
100.10 That the privilege be and is hereby granted to Pennsylvania Electric Company its successors, lessees or assignee hereinafter called Grantees to construct, maintain remove and replace such poles, wires and fixtures upon, over, through along and across the public streets, alleys, and public places of the said Borough as may be necessary for the purpose of transmission, distribution and sale of electric energy in and through said Borough for any purpose for which it may be now or hereafter lawfully used for a period of ten (10) years.
200.00 Pole Requirements:
200.10 That said poles, wires and fixtures used in the construction, maintenance removal and replacement of said electric transmission and distribution lines should be erected on such streets, alleys and public places or across the same as shall be designated by the Borough or other properly authorized person or persons as may be directed by the proper authorities of the Borough;
200.20 The said poles shall be reasonably straight and of such strength and quality to carry with safety to the public, all wires and fixtures placed thereon.
300.00 Existing Conditions:
300.10 That when the public streets, alleys, and public places of such Borough are used for the erection of poles, wires and fixtures under the provisions of this Ordinance, the ground and surface thereof where disturbed the same shall be replaced by the grantee in as nearly as practical the condition existing before the erection thereon of said poles, wires and fixtures.
400.00 Borough Use:
400.10 That the poles erected under this Ordinance may at any time be used by the Borough for supporting fire alarms, or other signal wires, as for lighting public streets and thorough fares without charge and the employees of said borough, after notice to the grantees representatives, shall have the right of access to said poles for the erection and repair of said fire alarms other signal wires and public lighting facilities.
500.00 Borough Hold Harmless:
500.10 That grantee shall keep and hold said borough free and harmless from all danger that may arise out of injury to persons as property does to the default as negligence of grantee in the exercise of the grant hereby given;
500.20 Provided grantee shall have the right to defend all such against said borough arising therefrom, and shall not be liable for any judgment unless due notice of any action so brought or initiated and on opportunity to defend the same shall have been given the grantee by the said borough in writing.
600.00 Payment for Ordinance:
600.10 The grantee shall pay upon presentation of bill, therefore the rest of printing and publishing of the Ordinance.
700.00 Effective:
700.10 This Ordinance shall be affective thirty (30) days after acceptance thereof in writing by grantee and the filing of said Ordinance with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission as required by section 911 of said public utility law of Pennsylvania.
800.00 Enacted:
800.10 Ordained and enacted 14th day of August 1972.