Chapter 7

Part E: Electricity  - (OR1-1954)

100.00 Authorization:
100.10 That the right and privilege is hereby granted to said Harley D. Carpenter, his heirs, administrators, executions or assigns to enter upon, use and occupy the streets, lanes, alleys, highways, and public places in the Borough of Saegertown, Crawford County, Pennsylvania and the extensions and annexations;
100.20 Thereafter for the purpose of executing, attiring, maintaining, and operating the necessary poles, wires, conducts and apparatus and fixtures for the purpose of distributing electric energy for light, and heat and power or any of them;
100.30 In supplying the same to said Borough and to each persons, partnerships, and corporations residing therein or adjacent thereto as may desire to contract for the same, and to inspect, alter, repair or extend the said system of distribution.
200.00 Moving Wires:
200.10 That in each it becomes necessary to move a building and the light or powers wire is a hindering the said, Harley D. Carpenter his heirs, administrations executive or assigns shall, upon written order from the Burgess or Council of the Borough of Saegertown, adjust the light or power wire at his own expense until said building shall have been moved.
300.00 Location Supervision:
300.10 The placing of all necessary poles, wires, and other apparatus shall be under the systems and supervisions of the Borough.
400.00 Length of Franchise:
400.10 The right, privilege and franchise is given for the purpose of continuing the right, privilege and granted to Harley D. Carpenter, his herein and assigns by Borough Ordinance number 1 – 1919, ordained and enacted by the Borough Ordinance number 1, Series 1919 ordained and enacted by the borough of Saegertown on Feb. 3, 1919, and shall remain in effect for a period of five (5) years.
500.00 Public Utility Commission:
500.10 It is hereby understood and agreed that neither the purpose nor extent, nor the obligation of this contract is such as to impair or in any wise affect the exercise by the Public Utility Commission of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or any of the powers visited in by the Public Utility Law, approved June 1, 1937.
600.00 Enacted:
600.10 Enacted and ordained Feb. 2, 1954.