Chapter 7

Part D: United Natural Gas Company  - (OR5-1950)

Granting and franchising to United Natural Gas Company

100.00 Authorization:
100.10 That, upon filing with the Burgess its written, accretive terms and provisions of this ordinance, the United Natural Gas Company , a Pennsylvania corporation, its successors and assigns, is hereby granted the right and the privilege to go upon and open gas on the streets, lanes, alleys, and other public grounds, of the sand Borough for the purpose of laying, installing, operating, removing and repairing for the purpose of furnishing and distributing natural gas to the said streets, lanes, alleys, and other public grounds;
100.20 Construction shall be done under the supervision and direction of this council and in such a manner to do as little damage and interfere as little as possible with the public use and travel there on.
200.00 Borough Hold Harmless:
200.10 That the United Natural Gas Company, in expressing the rights and privilege granted or extended to be granted to it by this ordinance shall save defend indemnity and keep harmless the said Brought from this or account of any and all injury and damage sustained by any person or persons, firm, or corporation or company through its negligence or caused by it, or through the negligence of or caused by any employee engaged in the book of exacting or filling in any ditch or opening, or in any other way, or manner, either in the construction of its going other way with in the Borough or in repair and maintenance thereof, or in the performance of any other act authorized by this ordinance.
300.00 Fees to Residents:
300.10 That and for any considerate of the alone grant, the said United Gas Company shall furnish Natural fuel gas to the Borough at the rate the same as the City of Meadville.
300.20 That it will promptly remove from the street etc... all obstructs placed there in constructing or repairing its hire and leave the said streets and alleys in a good condition as they were before they were opened by it, including the pavement thereon.
400.00 Time to Complete:
400.10 That unless operations are commenced in good faith for the introduction of gas in said Borough within one year from the fiscal passage of this ordinance shall thereafter be without effect.
500.00 Repealer:
500.10 That all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent here with be and the same are hereby repealed.
600.00 Enacted:
600.10 Ordained and enacted into an ordinance this second day of May 1950.