Chapter 7

Part C: Natural Gas  - (OR4-1936)

100.00 Authorization:
100.10 That, subject to the regulations restrictions and limitations hereinafter specified, permission is hereby given to Harry Faber White, his heirs, and assigns, to construct, install and maintain in the streets and alleys of this Borough all pipes, plant, regulators, meters, shut-offs, valves, and other appliances that may be necessary for the purpose of supplying and marketing natural gas, manufacturing gas, mixed or butane gas, any or all, to all persons and places in the Borough desiring to use same.
200.00 Pipeline installation:
200.10 That all such pipes and appliances as are buried underground shall be placed below frost line;
200.11 Placement shall be in such location and manner as to not damage or interfere with electric, water, sewer or drainage pipes or conduits;
200.12 Pipes and appliances shall be of standard high grade material and installed and maintained in accordance with the best engineering standards.
300.00 Repairs:
300.10 In making such installation or repairs, no street or alley shall be occupied or opened without a permit therefore having been first secured from the proper Borough authority,
300.11 Subject to any reasonable police regulation that the Borough may require, and when such street shall be a State Highway, or under the jurisdiction of the State Highway Department.
400.00 Damages:
400.10 That in the said occupancy of streets and alleys and in the intersection, repair and maintenance of such pipes, plant and equipment the said Harry Faber White his heirs and assigns, agree to assume and do hereby assume all liability from damages that may be caused thereby and do hereby expressly relieve this Borough of any liability therefore.
500.00 Time to complete:
500.10 That the rights, privileges and franchises hereby granted, are granted and accepted upon consideration and the express condition that the said grantee, his heirs and assigns, shall within one year from the date of this ordinance goes into effect commence the necessary construction to comply with this franchise
500.20 Within one year thereafter will be prepared to furnish gas and render service to all persons in the Borough asking for same;
500.30 Provided however, that if said Harry Faber White, his heirs or assigns, file with Borough Council a verified statement before the expiration of one year from the date of this ordinance that they have been delayed in furnishing the gas or in laying the pipes by reason of strikes or unavoidable delays, then an extension of time may be granted by this Borough for the completion of the work and furnishing said gas.
600.00 Maintenance of System:
600.10 That the said Harry Faber White, his heirs and assigns, shall thereafter at all times properly maintain said pipes and property and supply gas in said Borough and distribute the same in sufficient quantity to supply all demands of requirements within reason.
700.00 Rules and Regulations:
700.10 The said grantee, his heirs or assigns, shall at all times be subject to all reasonable demands, rules, regulations and ordinances of said Borough
700.20 Also subject to all reasonable laws, rules and regulations of the Public Utility Commission of Pennsylvania, that may be applicable there to.
800.00 Safety:
800.10 In case any question should arise as to the safety of the plant, equipment hereby provided for, the Borough shall have the right to examine the plant or equipment by a competent engineer to be chosen by the Council, and if found deficient, it shall be put in proper condition by the grantee, his heirs or assigns.
900.00 Service Lines:
900.10 The rights, privileges and franchise hereby granted are granted and accepted also upon the consideration and the express condition that the said grantee, his heirs and assigns, shall lay all service lines to the property lines of streets, alleys, or lanes as required,
900.20 The consumer shall connect thereto across his own property to his dwelling or place of business at his own cost, such connections to be under the supervision of, or performance by the grantee, his heirs or assigns,
900.30 Also all mixers, burners, or connections to stoves or furnaces shall, as to safety and efficiency conform with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Borough Ordinance governing the same.
1000.00 Construction Labor:
1000.10 In the construction and operation of said plant, and equipment, home labor shall be given the preference by said grantee his heirs and assigns, other things being equal.
1100.00 Agreement:
1100.10 A failure of the grantee, his heir’s or assigns, to comply with any or all of the provisions of this franchise shall work forfeiture thereof and the ordinance shall become null and void.
1200.00 Enacted:
1200.10 Enacted Sep. 8, 1936.