Chapter 7

Part A: Telephone  - (OR1-1913)

100.00 Authorization:
100.10 An Ordinance authorizing the Central District Telephone Company, its successors, and assigns, to construct, maintain and operate its posts, poles, cables, wires, and all other necessary overhead apparatus, on, over, and along:
100.20 Its conduits, ducts, main pipes cables, wires, manholes, distributing poles, and all other necessary underground appliances, on, in, under and through the streets, alleys and highways within the limits of the Borough of Saegertown in the County of Crawford and the state of Pennsylvania;
100.30 Subject to the conditions, and restrictions hereinafter contained;
100.40 To use the property of others companies and to permit other companies to use its property upon such arrangements as the two companies may agree.
200.00 Utility Poles:
200.10 That all poles erected by said company shall be neat and symmetrical and shall be kept well painted.
200.20 There shall be no cross arms for the suspension of wires or cables, or wires and cables placed thereon, at less distance than twenty (20) feet from the grade of the street, alley or highway, unless permission of Council.
200.30 All poles erected under provisions of this ordinance shall be located on alleys except as hereinafter provided.
200.40 Before any poles are located, said company shall submit to the Borough for approval a major draft showing the approximate location of said pole.
200.50 Should Council or its representative fail to approve said map or draft, they shall designate some to the suitable location therefor.
200.60 All of said poles shall be located so as in no way to interfere with the safety or convenience of persons traveling on or over the side streets, alleys and highways.
300.00 Construction Approval:
300.10 Before any conduits or distributing poles are constructed under the provisions of this ordinance, the said company shall submit to Council for approval, a map or draft showing the approximate location of said conduits and distributing poles;
300.20 In the event of the Council failing to approve said major drafts, they shall designate some other suitable location therefore, said company shall not open or encumber more of any street, alley or highway than will be necessary to enable it to perform the work with proper economy and efficiency:
300.30 The erection of said poles and construction of conduits shall be subject to the supervision of the Borough, and the said company shall replace and properly relay any sidewalk or street pavement which may have been displaced or damaged by it in the construction and maintenance of the system.
400.00 Borough Use of Poles:
400.10 That space on the poles erected or in the conduits constructed under provisions of this ordinance shall be reserved, free of charge, for the purpose of carrying wires of any Fire alarm or signal wire owned and maintained by said Borough provided the said wires are placed and maintained in such a manner as may be prescribed by the said company and in no case used to carry high tension currents.
500.00 Maintenance of Equipment:
500.10 That the said company shall maintain all poles, cables, wires, conduits, ducts, mains, pipes, manholes, distributing poles and all other apparatus, erected or constructed under the provisions of this ordinance, in good and safe order and condition:
500.20 Said company shall at all times full indemnify, protect and save harmless the said Borough from and against all actions, claims, suits, damages and charges, and against all loss and necessary expenditures, arising from the erection, construction, and maintenance of its system:
500.30 Or from its neglect or failure to maintain the said apparatus in good and safe order and condition.
600.00 Non-exclusive Rights:
600.10 That nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to grant unto the said company any exclusive right or to prevent a grant of similar privileges to the companies.
700.00 Time to Comply:
700.10 That the said company shall, under its seal and by its proper officers, within sixty (60) days from the date of the passage of this ordinance, signify in writing its acceptance of all terms, conditions, regulations and restrictions, in this ordinance contained:
700.20 In default of which, this ordinance shall become null and void and of no effect.
800.00 Repealer:
800.10 That upon the acceptance of this ordinance, as provided for in the preceding section, all ordinances or parts of ordinances, conflicting with the provisions hereof, be and the same are hereby repealed, in so far as they affect the said company.
900.00 Costs of Ordinance:
900.10 That all legal advertising or printing fees incurred by the Borough of Saegertown, in the County of Crawford and the State of Pennsylvania, in connection with the passage of this ordinance, shall be paid by the said company.
1000.00 Enacted:
1000.10 Enacted April 7, 1913.