Chapter 5

Part A: Firearms  - (OR1-1893, Section 25; OR2-1970)

100.00 Title:
100.20 The firing of guns.
200.00 General:
200.10 The firing of pistols, rifles, guns, fire crackers, bombs, and other explosives within the borough limits on the west side of the Railroad tracks and on the rights- of-way of the tracks, shall be unlawful and is hereby prohibited.
200.20 The firing of fire crackers, bombs and other explosives within the Borough limits shall be unlawful and herby prohibited.
200.30 The firing of pistols, rifles, or any gun on the east side of the railroad tracks, must meet one of the following:
200.31 Be on the owner’s property;
200.32 Have the owner’s permission;
200.33 Not be within 150 yards of a residence or structure.
300.00 Repealed:
300.10 All other sections of OR1-1893 section 25 and OR2-1970 are hereby repealed.
400.00 Penalty:
400.10 Any person convicted of such offense or complaint duly made before any District Justice for said borough shall pay a Class B fine as set by resolution of Council and costs for each and every offense so committed.
500.00 Enacted:
500.10 Approved and ordained in Council the 10th day of February A. D. 1893.