Chapter 4

Part F: Paving and Concrete Permit and Regulations  - (OR3-2007)

100.00 Permits Required:
100.10 A permit is required for any new or replacement asphalt paving, or concrete work, including driveways, sidewalks and patios.
100.11 Borough Streets or PENNDOT work is exempt from permits
100.12 Surface coating and repairs of blacktop is permitted without a permit.
200.00 Storm Water:
200.11 A storm water application must accompany any permit request.
200.12 Any construction must not hinder or block any storm water or path for storm water.
200.13 Any construction must not divert or direct any run off water to any adjoining property.
200.14 All construction must comply with current storm water regulations.
300.00 General:
300.10 All new construction must be inspected and approved when complete.
300.20 Any road cut into Borough streets or rights of way must be properly sealed to eliminate water from entering all joints.
300.21 Sealed joints must be to Pennsylvania Dept. of Transportation specifications in effect at the time of construction.
300.30 Final results must NOT permit any standing water on the surface or adjoining areas.
300.40 Any contractor must provide a bond to Borough to satisfactory cover any potential damage to borough streets or alleys if the streets or alleys are so posted. (Returnable monetary bond set from time to time may be set by resolution of Council.)
300.41 Contractor shall be responsible for any damage to Borough streets or alleys, or to private property.
300.50 All weight limits to Borough Streets must be complied with.
400.00 Excess Material:
400.10 Any excess material Must NOT be discarded in any way in the Borough except on the property of the resident where the construction takes place.
400.11 This includes vacant lots, catch basins or roadside ditches.
500.00 Fees:
500.10 Permit fees shall be set by resolution of Council from time to time.
600.00 Penalty:
600.10 Penalties shall be a Class B fine set by resolution of Borough Council form time to time.
700.00 Repealer:
700.10 If any section, subsection, sentence, or clause of this ordinance is held, for any reason, to be invalid, such decision or decisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance.