Chapter 4

Part A: Numbering of Lots and Buildings  - (OR4-1949)

100.00 Lot Numbering:
100.10 The land abetting on all sheets shall be divided into lots of all the width of twenty (20) feet each that a designated number shall be given to each lot.
 100.20 That the lots south of South Street west of Water Street between all other streets, shall be numbered in consecutive hundreds, beginning with the number of the lots south of South Street and West of Water Street in the one hundreds!
100.30 That the numbers shall be alternated so that all even numbers shall appear on the west side and on the north side of all streets.
100.40 Odd numbers shall appear in the east side and south side streets.
200.00 Maps:
200.10 It is hereby directed that a map be made showing the number of each lot.
200.20 xxxSaid map shall be made a permanent road of the Borough./td>
200.30 A correct copy thereof shall be kept in a conspicuous place at the town house hall for the use of the public.
300.00 Effective Date:
300.10 Numbers shall be placed on all buildings by the owner or owners thereof with it ninety (90) days often the passage of this ordinance.
300.20 If the owner or owners of any buildings shall fail, neglect or refuse to place the number or numbers as the buildings the Borough may cause the same as other debts or municipal claims are by law collective.
400.00 Size and Location:
400.10 The numbers shall be at least 3 inches high.
400.20 Numbers shall be placed on the front of the building in such as position as to be legible from the street.
500.00 Building on more than one lot:
500.10 A Building occupying one or more lots shall be given multiple numbers, if the size so dictates.
600.00 Penalty:
600.10 Violations of this ordinance is a Class D violation with fines set by resolution from time to time.
600.20 Each month the property is in violation shall constitute a new offense.
700.00 Repealer:
700.10 All ordinances of parts of ordinances in consisted here with by and the same are hereby repealed.
800.00 Effective:
800.10 Ordained and erected into an ordinance this 6th day of September 1949.