Chapter 2

Part C: Animals, Fowl & Game  - (OR4-1953, OR3-1994)

100.00 REGULATING the keeping of fowls, game and animals:
100.10 That the owners of any type of fowls, game, or animals, not prohibited in the Borough, shall keep such fowls, game, or animals upon their own premises. (Updated OR3-1994)
100.20 Fouls, game and animals must be confined in a clean or sanitary shelter or enclosure.
100.30 It is hereby declared to be a nuisance for the owners of such fowls, game, or animals to:
100.31 Permit them to run at large upon the premises of any other person or persons.
100.32 To keep them in an unclean or unsanitary shelter or enclosure.
100.40 A clean or sanitary shelter or enclosure is defined to be one that:
100.41 Does not annoy or disturb the peace, quiet, and comfort;
100.42 Does not cause a detrimental effect upon the health of the other persons.
200.00 Penalty:
200.10 Any person or persons violating any of the provisions hereof shall be guilty of maintaining a nuisance, and upon conviction thereof shall pay a Class D fine set by resolution of Council.
200.20 Each day of such violation shall constitute a new violation and be a separate offense of the provisions hereof.
300.00 Effective:
300.10 ORDAINED and enacted into an Ordinance this Third day of November, 1953.