Chapter 2

Part B: Animals - Horses  - (OR1-1918)

100.00 A horse shall not be unbridled:
100.10 A horse shall not be left unattended in a street or undisclosed space without being securely fastened, unless harnessed to a vehicle with wheels so secured as to prevent its being dragged faster than a walk.
200.00 Driving Horses:
200.10 A driver shall continually hold the reins in his hands while riding, driving, or leading a horse.
300.00 Ill Treating:
300.10 No one shall over-load, over-ride, ill-treat or unnecessarily whip any horse.
400.00 Whips:
400.10 No one shall crack or so use a whip as to excite any horse other than that, which he is using, or so as to annoy, interfere with or endanger any person.
500.00 Lame Horses:
500.10 No one shall use a horse unless it is fit for its work, free from lameness or sores, likely to cause pain, and from any vice or device likely to cause accident, injury or infection.
600.00 Penalty:
600.10 Violation of this ordinance is a Class D penalty as set by resolution of Council.
700.00 Enacted:
700.10 Enacted by Council on May 6, 1918.